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Griefing already a problem



In my 1st hour of playing online I was hunted down and killed 4 times by players outside of missions... This is less than 10% of the playerbase that can even play the game yet. Is there no penalty for griefing?

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4 answers to this question

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What did you expect? 

Everybody praising their horses?

The majority of the playerbase is probably those who got permabanned from GTAV online...


Give it some days, weeks months and the issue is solved by R* 


Edited by roggek

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im genuinely not surprised. especially with passive mode not being a thing.


if you dont wanna pvp, all i can suggest is that you jump sessions or do the MTU trick if you are on playstation to empty the lobby, invite a friend, and then undo the MTU trick. assuming that even works. (will try when the game UNLOCKS for me)

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Creative griefing (trash taking Doc Holiday style in saloons) is awesome when it happens.

But at the very least, they could let us remain invisible on player radars when we are concealed from sight or out in the wilderness???

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   3 weeks after launch and its still disruptive. Every time i try to play i have to change lobbies over and over because some wannabee outlaw thinks that means randomly shooting someone while minding their own bussiness....FOR NO REASON.... Ya wanna be a bad guy outlaw... Great! But have a damn realistic reason for your character to want to kill mine. But even in the most wild and untamed periods in history.. There were laws and repercussions!  If someone walked into town and just started shoooting someone..theyd have lawmen, bounty hunters.. friends and family of the victim all chasing him down.   


So far this issue ruins the appeal of the online component for me. I love online games.. I love the social interactions.. The cooperation to complete a mission.... But so far RDR online has killed all of that. I find myself now avoiding places where i see pink dots because theres a good chance that ill get a shot to the head just for waalking within range of another player andd that kills the whole appeal of going online.


The worst part about it is that there are no repercussions for it. Other than aan honor ding. That is what I hate MOST. That a players can have a shootout in the middle of St Denis and the NPCs just run and hide and the lawmen do nothing unless you shoot an NPC.. Thats so unrealistic. And to top it off I CANT DEFEND MYSELF without an honor hit. 


These griefers always say thats what this game is about.. "Being outlaws".. Wrong. Theres an honor system for a reason. Not EVERYONE is meant to be an outlaw killer... Some of us actually care about honor. And its not fair that those who want the dishonor can do what they want and kill everyone... With impunity.. But i get dinged for SELF DEFENSE? 



My recommend solution is let those who want to play the antagonist outlaw do so.. But let honorable players defend themselves without loosing honor points. If i tried to defend myself everytime some random jerk killed me while looking at the map... Checking inventory.. Etc.. Or just skinning.. Id be at the max DISHONOR.. In fact... I think it should reward honor to those who kill DISHONORABLE players just as it does for clearinf bandits. They should be treated the same. 


Also.. Make the "outlaws" actual outlaws!!! As in actually wanted by the npc lawmen!!! The dame as if you killed a bunch of npcs.. You get chased by lawmen or pinkertons. Killing other players should get the same response from the npcs as killing a random NPC does.


On top of that.. I would like to see. Bounty system. Just like you could go to the sherrif in story mode and pich up a bounty for an npc criminal.. I think that players who kill a certain number of other players unprovoked in free roam outside of missions should get a bounty that honorable players can pick up for either xp... Money.. Honor.. Or all of the above. 

 I think that would preserve the pvp aspect of it for those who love th just shoot eachother.. But allow those who are just minding our own business trying to sell some skins or do some shopping at the geral store some peace. It will at least make players have to think about risk versus reward for killing someone. But they still CAN if they want to.. But they should be prepared to fight lawmen and pinkertons as well!

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