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Character Creator in Online

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18 hours ago, Iash91 said:


I agree with most of your post bar this part. I just refuse to see this as a valid excuse based purely on the fact that this is a game. We should be able to make trolls, or we should be able to make attractive people. Surely most players don't really care what others look like (unless its laughably fugly) and mainly care about what they look like? Doing it for 'authentic purposes' is pointless. Besides, conventionally attractive people didn't just decide to exist in the past 50 years, they've always been around.


If you choose to ignore those points, then you could argue that a lot of the characters in single player are traditionally attractive, so there's no logic in making MP characters fugly 'because authentic'. It's strange that Rockstar clearly know how to create great character models - both good looking and unattractive, yet somehow multiplayer characters are 100%  various shades of hideous. If I could make my character half as good looking as Abigail or Arthur then I'd have no reason to complain, but unfortunately I'm forced to run around as a transvestite donkey witch.


I'm sorry to say that my statement does not count as an excuse since I'm not implying women in the 19th century are ugly. If I did, then I would be making a sexist point, and I'm not trying to. The presets do look ugly. The NPCs don't. So why would Rockstar make the complete opposite for the online females?

I do mainly care for the appearance of online characters; mainly their face. I don't like seeing an army of Hannah's in GTA Online, and the same might be applied to John's, too. 


I can't ignore these points. You did make some good statements, and I can't deny them, because this is a discussion about character creation in Red Dead Online, of course. I don't think every single character in single player can be attractive. Think, for example, of the incest siblings, that one woman that got a YouTuber terminated for beating her up, etc. Rockstar's effort on making good NPCs should be applied to Online characters as well. They did a decent job when it came to the presets in GTA IV's Multiplayer. You can make a good character in Online if you know your ways on managing the customization feature; some players usually don't get the expected results, but with some tweaking it'll do just fine.

4 minutes ago, Sonek4 said:

Besides, honestly, i would be happy with average faces that i could customize it on my own. Problem is that there's no average face unless you're meaning average ugly faces. 

What they gave us was enourmous and unproportional jaws, strange and broken nooses, weyrd mouths, large make-likely chins and all sort of uglyness to deal with.

After six tryes i was able to create a girl that wouldn't scare a child. That's all.

Yeah, if I have to be honest, I dislike Adrian, Daniel, Angel, and Ethan in this situation since they come fugly. For the females it would have to be Evelyn, Audrey, Olivia, and Nicole. It's too bad Rockstar didn't consider adding more heritage options after the next-gen. 22 mothers and 24 fathers... And there's a lack of representation for the same skin tone that Camila, Violet, Samuel, Evan, and Ethan have. Ethan's skin comes with wrinkles, just like Angel, Adrian, Daniel, Audrey, and maybe Louis and Elizabeth. I remember making a hideous face with Claude's heritage option and made some hilarious results. Misty looks like a Bratz Doll, too.


What heritage options did you use to make that character?

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I'd always like to create and play with female characters;

No matter wich game, i always try my best to customize and create a pretty-like girl to play with, as my own vision on what i think is beautyfull or not;

I have good chatacters created on many games, but let us stick to Rockstar's so i will talk about GTA where i had to place up some good effort and time for doing a character that suits my taste;

Here's the result:


As anyone can see, she ain't a "super model" but just a pretty common girl. 

In RDR Online though, creating something as a looking good "common girl" is way ten thousands times harder!


First: if there was anything like inheritance i couldn't find it;

Then: the presets are too ugly. That's a point no one can argue with!

And?: The creation tool allows you to mess a bit with characters but just a bit: since the presets are so horrible, you have little you can do to change it. The final result will be far on what you had in mind; miles away far...

And so: in game, that result will be sonehow different from what you saw whyle creating, so you may have luck and your character may not be as scary as it could at all...

Now what do i proppose?

Do it all from scratch big R*

Do us all a favor and change your concepts on what you may think we want: it's completely different from what we actually want.

Tell to the 3D artists that we don't want women with enormous male-like jaws, yellow teeths, strange looking noises, those not-even-know-how-to-name-it mouths, those owl-like eyes, eyebrows that looks like squirrel tails and all other ugly things you may think we'll find funny, because them things are not funny at all, unless you want to create a troll.

If the artists can make Abigail Roberts and some real good-looking girls wandering around Saint Dennis, them allow us to customize and create good looking girls for us to play, will ya?

This can't be that hard!

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If RS does upgrade the character creator I hope that we can adjust our current characters with the new features

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