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Post your Red Dead Online character

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Popular Posts

i cant play anymore though i did the intro then i get rockstar game service error 0x99395004 im beginning to think its a character error like a disconnect during a mission point but not sure kinda nee

You better not see how my character looks like without his beard lmfao Say hello to a very young Tiziano Crudeli!         Here's him in the Skyrim intro sequence wit

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So finally here is my girl! I love how she looks.











I tried to get a Jessica Stam look





Edited by KIDO Atom
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I finally got the a new horse thanks to all that gold rockstar has been giving out.

Does anyone know the name of the Large black horse, i've been seeing it a lot.




I think it has a unique mane(not sure), but i love how it blows in the wind


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15 hours ago, RawGo0n said:

Does anyone know the name of the Large black horse, i've been seeing it a lot.

UE Thoroughbred. It looks nice, until you see it up close and notice that it is purple

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Reflective Photo. Sitting at Level 98 about to pass the 100+ threshold just thinking

about all those players I killed. The mission npcs sacrifice for me to get where I am

today.........welp more to come cuz I ain't stopping.




Teamed up with a random who actually turned out to be decent. Always got to enjoy the moments when you don't have to watch over the helpless, because you don't have any on your team




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I guess I was blind when I created my character, becaue I didn't even notice the "7 of 18" number under all the categories so eyebrows were the last thing that I adjusted.

She looks kinda ok during cutscenes, but during gameplay not so much.








Edited by Partajeesus
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The recent updates for some reason turned my guy into a large fella so I decided to embrace it.





Edited by rickyboy123
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Yes I know, I recycled my old outfit, but what can I say? It looks good! 😃

Can't wait to get to level 27 so I can get my Mustang back... I am not a fan of that starter horse.

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Me and my black American Standardbred, Sparrow. All black.




I'll do some decent shots later ;)

Edited by Leftover Pizza
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Ya boi finally made it!! Level 100 finally reached.


I'm loving the new Schaffer Chaps though. Now if those houses to the left become available for purchase I might buy just because of the scenery plus train access. 





Edited by XxJazzy42xX
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Heard a lot of people didn't like the new hat, i'm just glad that i do lol




Meet this guy in the North eastern part of the map, both of us hunting Elk for the daily challenge and he let me into his camp, people are mostly friendly in this game.



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On 5/29/2019 at 8:02 PM, The Deadite said:

My secondary character, tried to create a latin guy, ended up with a native fella... not complaining though, i already love this guy:

yo, did we happen to throw tomahawks at each other a couple of sessions ago?


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Have you ever heard the story of Sundance The Ugly Kid? Wild West, hard time for hard folk. Sundance was the ugliest dude in an already ugly Frontier.







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