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Bull Moose Location

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Hello, I have been looking for this thing for the past couple hours. Like a week ago, I was hunting and was full on all my pelts for my horse and ran across a 3 star moose. I knew I needed one but said “Oh well darn it, It’s too bad, I’m sure they’re not too hard too find”, not knowing this is the rarest animal in the entire game. So I’ve searched online and have seen a few different locations where the moose spawns in, but does anyone know which one is most reliable? I’ve tried the northeast lake by the Arabian horse( which I unfortunately lost the tracks for, hopefully she comes back) and have had no luck. I also see where some people say you have to exit the area with your horse and run back into it for it to spawn, so make a save far enough away and just reload if it’s not there. I’m just afraid that I can’t tell the difference if I’m very unlucky or perhaps I’m not far enough away. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m loving the Red Dead so far, but this is the most pain in the ass time I’ve had with hunting in a videogam. 

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The only repeatable moose spawn I've discovered was Cairn Lake in the morning (northeast of Lake Isabella and the white Arabian, where you meet Flaco Hernandez).  If you drop herbivore bait in the middle of the frozen lake, a bull or western moose will usually spawn by the time you run up the adjacent slopes and turn around to look.  Camp until morning at the lake, create a save file and keep reloading until you see that 3 star.  If you need additional moose pelts for the trapper, make sure to lasso and drag any carcasses away from the lake before you skin them because they won't spawn if another moose carcass is nearby.

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I find tons of them where you find the legendary moose. 

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Thanks so much!!! Got it first attempt and perfect using the Cairn Lake method. 

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