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Newbie Question

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I'm getting the PS4 Pro bundle tomorrow and was wondering if anyone could suggest anything to enhance the experience or give some tips about starting out. It is greatly appreciated! 

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My advice is take your time and enjoy the experience.. Don't rush the game play

Also make sure you have at least 2 hours at a time for each session you play, it is fairly unsatisfying in short patches

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Don't rush the story (yellow blips). Take your time. Enjoy Chapters 2-3 as much as you can. Hunt. Explore. Play slow. 


Also dont just go randomly killing people in crowded areas, you will rack up bounties on yourself fast. 


And the biggest tip I can give you-



Edited by Mach1bud
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Ring Dang Do

Don't focus too much on going for the medals as it will just ruin your game experience and make you rush through missions and miss out on content. 

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Don't play this with a GTA mentality to start, the game can be punishing if you get too aggressive before getting comfortable.

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If you are someone who cares about outfits make sure to save them, e.g. especially your one belt holster before chapter II.


(the following was before patch 1.03 - tbh stay away from all of  them)

Within one mission you'll automatically get an off-hand holster which can only be detached by choosing a previously saved "one holster clothing" (for sure, it's possible to change every single part afterwards). Don't get confused - some cutscenes or simply loading a savegame will force the second holster; just change it (in camp/hotel wardrobe - don't use the saddle).


Basically, save your game manually.  It might be that you wanna go back in time to freeze an era once the story is done. The world feels a bit different with each place the gang goes.

That method allows you to mess/roam around in various ways (either with honor or/and char appearance). Feels like time travel.

Edited by Possebility
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