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This game would have been so much better if...

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31 minutes ago, anthony said:

I agree, I hate this redemption sh*t, I had enough of that in RDR1.

The redemption theme fits much better in RDR2 though. John is already pretty "good" at the beginning of RDR1 and then basically the same at the ending. Arthur changes a lot throughout the game

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I want to add to my answer that I’m absolutely not disappointed by this story, not by a long shot. I really wouldn’t change much at all even if I could, it’s definitely up there with the best (story-wise much better than GTA V, that’s for sure).


The main thing I would’ve liked to have different is the killing of Micah. I had waited for that for so long and felt such an intense hatred against him, not only for the fact that he’s a rat but because he’s a f*cking sh*thead loser and full of himself when he has no right to be.


Since he got the role that he ultimately got, I feel he became too much of a ”feared villain” when in fact he’s just... well, a sh*thead lowlife and just about half a human being. A slug.


And, most importantly, he got away easy. Simply not as satisfying as it could have been. I’d have wanted to first beat him in a long, muddy (or snowy) fistfight, then tie each of his legs to two horses and slap their ass to watch him go RRRRIPPP, then he should’ve laid there crying and begging for his mum for 10 seconds before dying..

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chronic lumbago

Well, seeing Arthur's incoming death throughout chapter 6 made the game so powerful that it easily became the best written game of all time in my opinion.

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If it wasn't so much as a prequel and more about a seperate story of Arthur where you set his destiny.


I guess if you played the first RDR you'd know the gang was pretty much wiped out beforehand, so the ending shouldn't be much of a surprise.


I'd rather all characters have a 'go their own way and do their own thing' kind of ending, instead of just killing everyone off. Not necessarily all happy endings but definitely not entirely consumed with death and despair. F*cking hell...

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I preferred RDR's story. I also enjoyed RDR's setting a lot more. I hated the grassy, leafy, green setting of RDR 2. I liked the brown, dusty desert setting of RDR a lot more.


Even Arthur kept asking "when are we going west?"


I kept asking that question too.

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Nulla Lex Ink.
6 hours ago, Shadowfennekin said:

Karen and Trelawney actually got closure. Unlike the other survivors they just go away and you never hear about them or see them again. I found it a nice touch that Swanson was mentioned in a newspaper, having become a pastor in New York.... but these two are completely absent.


Trelawney you can presume is with his family still but Karen just disappeared and no mention..... I really liked Karen. Hopefully we see her and Trelawney in Online and get a hint what's up with those two in the epilogue 


And aside from New Austin lacking in content I wouldn't change a thing. I'd have not even bothered including it if I had a choice

I felt the same way at first, but now that I've had a few weeks to ruminate on it, I actually like the way their stories ended. Trelawny was a wanderer who came and went as he pleased, more an associate than an actual member, so it's fitting the last time we'd see him he'd just be leaving. Plus it gives me the Old West vibes real good, because back in those days folks just disappeared sometimes. No mysterious circumstances, they just wandered off and lived their life elsewhere, away from the history books (or in this case, the player/the game's story). Makes the characters feel more like real people to me.


I like Karen's disappearance for that same reason. It drove me insane for awhile at first, but if you take into consideration her excessive drinking in the last chapter and Tilly's letter, it's very likely she drank herself to death. But maybe she didn't. We don't know because she went a separate path than the rest of the remaining gang members. It's a mystery, but not just for the sake of having a mystery. Things like that just happened back then.


They kind of put me in mind of when I'd read stories and articles about Old West historical figures. I can't tell you how many folks would be involved in these huge events, and then you'd read that they just went off the grid, or the very next line would be "They were arrested and hanged five years later," or something to that effect. Strauss kind of mad me think of that last one. I can just see a Wikipedia article that talks about him getting kicked from the camp, and the next paragraph is just a line or two mentioning him being picked up by the Pinkertons and killed in custody a whole eight years later.


Not for everyone, but I sure did enjoy it :)

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21 hours ago, GTAgamerCR7 said:

So basically he becomes Landon Ricketts.

Well, when you say it like that......plot twist   :D

14 hours ago, chronic lumbago said:

Well, seeing Arthur's incoming death throughout chapter 6 made the game so powerful that it easily became the best written game of all time in my opinion.

Just because main hero is dying?  Don't get into that GoT trap, when it gets dull they just kill off one of main heroes, typical cheap trick. That is how I feel about RDR2 story :D

8 hours ago, HopalongCasidy said:

Give me the option to leave Micah in jail.  

Give me the option to kill him in jail. Or watch him hang, even better.

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