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Will TLOU2 be as good as the first one?


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We are about a month after the release of RDR2 which was a highly anticipated sequel  to a beloved game. Many including myself were worried that they couldn't live up to the standard they set with the first game especially given R's recent track record but to me they did and then some. It has it's haters but the general feeling is that they knocked it out of the park and some feel it even surpasses the first one. TLOU2 will be another highly anticipated sequel to a beloved classic with a great story and beloved characters. Will they also be able to do justice to that legacy and make another great story?

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I hope so. TLOU was one of my favorite storytelling games. But the thing is, i never liked Ellie as a character and now she's a MC who's surpasses armies against her.

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I don't think storywise, but gameplay wise - yes. 


Or at least the illusion of gameplay... And that's not a criticism - Naughty Dog are the absolute masters of linear games which feel like your playthrough is unique and player-choice driven. If you've seen the E3 demo you'll know what I mean when I say the gameplay looks extraordinarily dynamic and interactive. 

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Meh, it's gonna be good but it won't have the same impact the first one had. The first one was revolutionary and changed the storytelling in the entire industry. Gameplay-wise not much will change as well. Just more gore and realism. Still gotta be a damn good game. I predict the same fate from Uncharted 4. Brilliant but nothing new. Oh and they probably will push graphics boundaries once again as well. 

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It will be incredibly tough to top the first one. It's still crazy to think how well received that game was. Absolutely trouncing the competition that year, in terms of awards.


I trust Naughty Dog to deliver a top notch experience as always. They haven't made me disappointed with any of their major releases I've personally played, and I don't see that changing here.


I'm curious about Joel the most. I loved the growth him and Ellie shared in the first game. I will definitely be sad if he's killed off early on.

Edited by Laker23
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  • 2 weeks later...

I doubt that..Joel and Ellie's relationship made the first one so great and it seems Joel has barely any focus in this one. Ellie on her own isn't interesting enough, I was bored with the Let Behind DLC.



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Gameplay-wise it will absolutely crush the first TLOU. And that alone is more than enough for me to be excited about it. 


As far as story and characters goes, well we'll have to see how it will be. But I think ND deserve the benefit of the doubt. 

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