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Recommended Posts


WELCOME FAMILY!!! To whoever is reading this I do have a few other recruitment pages here as well it's all the same I'm just really ready and excited to get this crew up and running there is a limit of 35 members due to how this crew is ran. If you would like to be apart which I really hope there will be an application right below it isn't much. Once you have took time to complete the application and dropped it down in the reply box (An example of mine will be below). Once you have completed the application just click on the crew link below and if I feel you qualify I will accept you and it will run from there. Male and Females are welcome! I do have a discord made which I will also invite you to once you get into the crew. This crew will be a huge family and will be apart of a YouTube community which means we will be doing Gta 5 skits, car meets etc. And we will also be making money on the side. 


You must be 16+ to be qualified it was 17 but I lowered it as long as you have maturity when its time to do business.


There will only be a certain role of bodyguards which will also be our drivers when we do things in the skits you may need a good working mic but it wouldn't be for every skit so if you don't things will be worked out.


Last but not least yes I have started this whole thing by myself sadly. It may not be a big crew yet but once you all whoever wants to join comes we will be the best and we will run Los Santos!! Just hit up this application and we shall get started!!



Real Life Info:

- Name:

- Sex:

- Age:

- Any Roleplay or YouTube experience:

GTA V Character Info:

- Name:

- Sex:


- Age:


- Bio: 




My Application:


Real Life Info:

- Name: Adrian

- Sex: M

- Age: 18

- Any Roleplay or YouTube experience: Yes I have made a couple if skits also been apart of a couple I have also watched many professional gta cinemas and have gained inspiration from GTA Films.

GTA V Character Info:

- Name: Adrian Curry

- Sex: M


- Age: 21


- Bio: Adrian grew up as 2-Bit gangsta in Liberty City. All he had was older brothers who were apart of a huge gang. Growing up he robbed banks and stores. Now that he is older he is on his grind to grow his own empire in Los Santos.

Just in case you can't click the link above



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