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Mirror Park Resident

Exploding cabin in New Austin

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Mirror Park Resident

I just did the glitch to get access to New Austin with Arthur. I was heading to Tumbleweed, not far from there when I saw a cabin that I didn't remember to be there in RDR1, so I approached. The cabin literally exploded before I could get any closer. 


Any tips on this? Random event? A trap? I didn't look into it because I got distracted by some animal iirc. Soon after the lawmen of Tumbleweed took me down and I spawned out of NA.

Edited by Fluffy Sock

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Random event, it's a moonshine distillery if I recall. Nothing more to it.


I *think* the same blown up shack can be found in RDR1 if so it's a nod to that. Can't remember for sure though.

Edited by Jason
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Cutter De Blanc

I heard it blow up and found the aftermath. I think I found an exploding round recipie in the wreckage

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It is a guaranteed event and supposedly an Alchemist is trying some experiments in that shack or something. There is a lockbox inside with a recipe for explosive something as well. (The recipe will not spawn there if bought via fence)

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chronic lumbago

Yes. Probably a coincidence but the exact same thing happened in Fallout 4.

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