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RedDead back story...


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I was reading a post made by another member regarding the gang and a comment was made about how the gang was assembled.


It's funny because, I distinctly remember playing a game that had almost the exact back story as this one. Only I can't remember the name.


I don't think it was RedDead Revolver but I might be wrong about that.

...I thought it was called "Gun" or something like that.


Arthur's character was in it. He was the cocky, sharp-tongued yard boss and the muscle of the gang. A real no nonsense [email protected]$$ if you get my drift.

...Just like in this game, along with all the others. 

...Only if I'm remembering it correctly, the names were slightly different.


It started out with the main character and throughout your travels you save a bunch of NPC characters especially prostitutes and outlaws, including a preacher with a drinking problem. Each one you saved all had different abilities that contributed to the gang, and all of whom resemble the ones in RedDead. 


I even remember something like, getting attacked by wolves and being unable to contribute to the gang. Also people would get upset if supplies ran low. They would start acting up when this would happen and you would often have to knock them out to get them back in line. Just like this game.


Does anyone else remember this game?

...or am I remembering RedDead Revolver?

Sorry, it was from a loooong time ago. lol


If it wasn't RedDead Revolver, did R* buy that franchise or something and raise RedDead Redemption out of the ashes of that title?

Edited by Deadman2112
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