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How to edit cars in ZModeler?? GTA SA

Pranjit Das

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So from few months, I'm continuously trying to finding a tutorial about editing cars in ZModeler, for GTA SA. I checked in almost everywhere around Internet, but didn't found anything helpful.


Please help me, I really want to edit my favourite cars in ZModeler, well I'm not means about converting cars from other games or create from scratch.


I just want to edit cars like adding spoiler, hood, converting wheels and body parts from a different car to an another car, and adding police light bar, taxi signs etc.


If anyone can help me that it would be very great!! Please reply as quick as possible!! 


Thanks in advance!!


And I say that please don't ignore me, I really need your help!!!


Thanks again!!

Edited by Pranjit Das
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You can follow the basic lessons in the official page for learning how to use the main tools. 


There's also a playlist of tutorials made by Ikey07 on YouTube


A useful link for some (WiP) tutorials made by Junior Djjr. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

You can import a default car <text removed -Crokey>


In the model you see lots of objects - you can replace them with your objects (parts of your car) with the same name.


If in game the windows aren't transparent - import someone's car, then extract the windscreen then in vertex mode put the windscreen far away from the pivot, then put it inside the dummy above the part that you're trying to fix, then use exact transform and put the 'temporary' windscreen's coords and rotation to 0, size to 1. Then attach the part you're fixing to the temporary windscreen, then go to vertex mode and delete the temporary windscreen.

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Had to remove some text there, please do not provide information about subverting other peoples works.



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  • 1 month later...

If you looking the tutorial how to use Zmodeler. I think it will be very hard. Because almost no tutorials. The best you can do maybe is try it yourself. You can try by yourselft little by little. I do like that before i can use zmodeler well.

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On 12/23/2018 at 4:52 AM, Crokey said:

Had to remove some text there, please do not provide information about subverting other peoples works.

I have edited the topic!! 😊

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