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Favorite npc and why #Possible Spoilers

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There are many memorable npc/strangers or whatever you want to call them but my favorite is this fella you meet by a campfire talking about how he has interesting tales if you had some whisky to give him. Turns out this gentleman worked at a fort where they held Indians in like cattle and how he didn't know what was worse the one's they killed or the one's they left alive to die a slow death. He explains how he was very young when those government boy's who paid well employed him but he can still see their faces and it clearly haunts him, which is why he killed himself. I like him because what he speaks is true, sadly events like that did happen and you can see he truly does has remorse and is ashamed of what he took part in which is also true for many like him who many like him. He also carried a native american ring on him which he may of looted of someone or maybe it belonged to someone he began to care for.

Edited by Qbert
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Yeah I remember this dude. Looked like the guilt was consuming him.


First one that pops into my mind was one of the most recent I've did, Evelyn Miller. There were some nice pieces of dialogue with him during the game, but the last scene of his story is IMO one of the best scenes in the whole game.


Also I have to mention Sister Calderon. The last encounter with her made me cry, literally. When Arthur 'confesses' to her. Very touching moment.

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I assume we are talking about non-main characters here. I liked a lot of them. The balloon guy is a hoot - too bad about how that all wraps up. I like the plucky widow you meet up north and teach to hunt. That's just a touching little story in Arthur's journey to be a little better.


I really liked the two brothers competing for the woman in Valentine. What idiots.

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'Gavin, Gav, Gaaaavvin!'

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Sheriff Malloy




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Lol...I looted that guy after he passed out and then threw his body on the campfire to see if he would wake up screaming.


He did not.  I feel bad about it but I was just goofing off in the game.

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Cutter De Blanc

Most of the bartenders in this game are pretty awesome

I'm gonna go with Cassidy the Blind though. That Prophet creeps me right the f*ck out every time I speak to him and it's awesome

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Yeah they really put a lot of thought to some of these minor characters. My best memories from rd1 was the strangers and the various people you could talk to, although my favorite character from rd1 didn't speak his name was charlie. I like games where in between the killing and whatnot a story is told and even better when it's based on fact. 

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The I-know-you "guy". Those encounters give me the creeps! 


Speaking of, does anyone have a link for ALL encounters video rdr1 and rdr2?

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