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Did anyone else notice this or was it just me?

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When Claude enters the Coach in GTA 3, he walks to the back of the bus as opposed to the front.


Am I the only person who noticed this? Is this a leftover from some beta feature where the player could ride the bus or am I grasping at straws?

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That totally makes no sense and it has always bothered me. Maybe. Even in Vice City, you can be a bus driver.

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I noticed it ages ago on PS2, but never bothered about it. Not even to make a thread like this one. Anyway, it's nice to see I'm not the only one who noticed it. Also, this will serve for those who don't know about or didn't know about it after see this. In my opinion, it is just a wrong positioned animation, not a leftover or such thing, who knows though.

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No, you are not alone, I noticed it too. I never paid too much attention to it tho, I just thought that it's an oversight of the developers.

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I noticed this too, first time back in 2009-2010 when I played VC (VC was my first GTA) and I noticed the strange thing that when you enter a Coach, the player isn't visible (this is true for GTA 3, VC, SA and possibly LCS and VCS as well). You can notice that when you enable the "Wheels only" cheat and no one will be inside. The only way to show Claude is to press F1 to see the replay while either you have the wheels only cheat activated or a mod that replaces Coach with a bus with transparent windows. I tried the latter method many years ago in VC when I was playing with a bus mod that had transparent windows (because I wanted to see inside the bus and was confused by why does Tommy disappear upon entering the bus) and I noticed Tommy was visible in replay mode, sitting in MIDDLE of the bus!:blink:


Oh and regarding the bus driver minigame in VC, I also noticed if you let people enter inside bus (which reward you with $5 bonus), the passengers will simply disappear from the bus (can't be seen in replay at all). This probably explains the infinite passengers capacity the bus has. Although if you have with you mission scripted NPCs, they will enter and exit the bus just fine like the player.

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Evil empire

I noticed it and it never bothered me.

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I always thought that he walks in as if he's a passenger, then hijacks the bus from inside.

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I always thought he left space in order to allow bus driver to leave the bus without both of them meeting in the mid of the corridor.

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I noticed it when I played it but didn't may much attention to it.

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Femme Fatale

I noticed that too, the beta leftover theory makes some sense now that you point it out.

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