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Mysterious Hill Home (possible exploration spoilers)

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So I came across the 'Mysterious Hill Home' located by Bucchus Station and after doing exploring I started to notice some similarities to Freya's turtle home in God Of War 4. 


Firstly, as the door was locked (I'll get back to that later) I walked up to the roof and spotted a turtle drawing on the front side of the house. What I think to be an obvious reference to the turtle home in God of War. The roof is also very much shaped like a turtle shell.


After further exploration I found a chest by the hut that had the recipe for poison arrows, again another reference to God of War. 


Now back to the door. During the GoW 4 story after you finish the game you will no longer be able to open the door and she will keep it locked. That's not all though, when scouting around the area you will also find a cave leading directly under the hut with some treasure inside. Another clear reference to the series of tunnel/cave system that Kratos traverses through under, Freya's house. 


I'm not sure if I'm the first person to recognise this as a God of War Easter egg so I won't claim to be but so far I've not seen it mentioned anywhere. I've seen people refering to it as a "hobbit" home in reference to the Lord of the Rings franchise. 


Hopefully I didn't give too much away for you guys that want to explore for yourselves. Just wanted to see if anybody else was also onto this. 










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Huh, didn't know about the cave. Where is it in relation to the house?

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Cutter De Blanc

That area is relevant at the end of the game

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Isn't that turtle actually simbol of some cult that you had to save brother of your ex girl ?

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Catfish Pie

I'll check that cave out, thanks man.


LOL! Every time I've been there and charged the door trying to get in, I instantly think of this scene, and imagine Bilbo's voice. 


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