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Reyiz Kovan

Why he was callin some people a racist??

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Reyiz Kovan

Franklin and lamar:he said "you're a racist,this racist insulted me!!" to jimmy, and lamar:whatsup fool,who you...

Later in complications:He was callin a guy racist in a cutscene when franklin came to his place,later to michael(when he beats him in the hand to hand combat):you f***in racist!

ı don't know if he did these in gta online too,never played GtaO...Anyway,i know some people in real life can do the same sometimes but why was simeon doin it??

Edited by Reyiz Kovan

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Uhh... ok.


Simeon just calls everyone racist to guilt them into buying cars they can't afford. 

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Because its easy to call anybody racist, sexist or whatever they made up.

Its easy, you cannot prove that they are not right and you are K.O. by minute.

True 21. century way to destroy somebody...

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I think it's because Simeon is the typical dishonest foreign car salesman you see in the US. Since he has an accent and is noticably not white, he decides playing the victim by yelling "racist" is his best move to get out of trouble. 

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Because Simeon is a scum.

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he is bad man of armenia

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