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Camp and sleeping

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Sleeping is a great tool in single player, but I doubt anyone will find it exciting looking at a black screen, with the occasional dream image for 20 minutes to get a good Nights sleep. Powernapping five minutes could perhaps be ok.


If someone is sleeping in your camp, guards would be needed as well, which could be a slightly more fun activity than sleeping.


Perhaps if sleep has a very cool and rewarding dream minigame, where you get to shoot stuff and increase the xp you have earned during the last 24 ingame hours, it would be something people would actually do. Not for a full Night lasting 20 minutes perhaps.


The gameplay of it in terms of finding a great defensible spot for your camp, guarding the camp at Night, actually meeting up back there because people do want to get some sleep etc. could be interresting.


Sleeping could also give you a 24 in game hour buff to stats, as a reward.


Doubt there will be sleep in online play, but all the gameplay surrounding the desire to sleep could be quite cool.

Edited by Gallows
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You  definitely have a good imagination..

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7 minutes ago, Revoemag said:

You  definitely have a good imagination..

Yep 😂 Must be the good nights sleep I had.

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I would bet anything that there will be a sleeping function, especially in PvE lobbies.

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IMO, sleeping will have as much benefit in RDO as it did in GTAO; i.e. very little, if any practical advantage.

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Would be cool if sleeping worked like singleplayer but migrated you to another server that is at the time you slept till

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