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New Crew

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Im thinking of starting or joining a crew but in the past i haven't had many good experiences with them. Everbody is always on their on. I had to help them but I still had too look endless for people for my jobs. 


What I want is to give and take, I don't mind doing jobs but sometimes i need jobs done too. I have a bunker, office en mc club so there ia a lot to supply


Anyone want to meet up on regular base for work. I play mostly daytime and with ps4


You can reach me here or at my mail

[email protected]

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Hey mate how r u ? I have a small, friendly crew that can help u out, i only accept members if they are willing to give/take, its basically my only rule, well that and no killing other crew members. Rank, gender, skill doesnt matter as long as ur a legit and friendly player, if ur interested my psn is -  phew8


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Are you still down?

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Hey guys ill be glad to help out w anything just add me psn: xxLilHandGrenade

I just moved bk over from ps3 & had to create a new character so I'm only level 26 atm but was a legit 715 before the transfer. Can do criminal mastermind & elite for all Heists except Doomsday. Personally, at sm point I need to host those heists for the unlocks & 1st x bonuses etc but for now just trying to get a few reliable friends in my contact list & level up. I've nvr done any of the Doomsday stuff but I learn fast & am a certified Chuck Norris badass on the original heists so no biggie..trust me. Have a mic & available nearly every day so hmu. Good luck guys

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