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Thoughts on Jerry Martinez?


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Martinez is alright. The con is that he's forgettable (Not as forgettable as LCS's antagonist and all of V's antagonists).


Plus, I agree, the Mendez brothers shoulda been the main antagonists of VCS, because they are more threatening and powerful than Martinez.

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  • 2 weeks later...

A hate able enough antagonist for sure but I felt they could have done more with the corrupt military figure idea. More stuff like the Hunter chase would have made him a much bigger threat. 

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I thought Jerry Martinez was a solid protagonist; although I don't treat him as the main villain, he does get the ball rolling storywise, while actions against him kick off the second half of the story (along with unlocking the East Island). Like others have said, beneath his goofy and mercurial nature, the guy is ruthless, using and disposing of people (especially Vic & Phil Cassidy) as he sees fit. Could we have had more Martinez? Sure, but I think the Mendez Brothers pick up the slack in the later half of the game, and he remains a factor behind the scenes.

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On 11/21/2018 at 11:08 PM, Grotti Vigilante said:

A poorly written or badly unmemorable antagonist. He was alright when I played the game, but I never managed to pick up the reason why he screwed everyone over. What did he have against Vic that he had him kicked out of the military? What did he have against Phil to betray him? Why was he such a backstabber and a criminal while still being a goofy Sergeant who never took his position seriously? I cannot even begin to imagine him shouting down the ears of new recruits. He's not very well written at all, especially, as a main antagonist.  

For Vic he got him kicked to save himself which means that the weed was found and he couldn't help Vic Because that would make them suspect him too as he said "I didn't screw you over for fun I was saving myself and you would do the same and don't pretend otherwise" which was the first time we see his second serious face 

And for Phil because Phil was drunk and told him that he doesn't trust him and probably said more about he hates working for him which made Martinez want to kill them since he doesn't trust them anymore

On 7/8/2019 at 9:56 PM, Jeansowaty said:

This is kinda the exact same case with Tenpenny from SA.

Except that Tenpenny manipulated a lot of people not only CJ .CJ was only a part of Tenpenny's plan

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For me Jerry might seem like a weak protagonist on paper but he is perfect for Vic he is like the yin to his yang or the joker to batman 

They have pretty much different personalities but for people they're just like the joker and batman they're for the people two freaks breaking the law but their intentions are different batman breaks the law for good reasons and  Batman has a moral code that makes him different than the joker same for Vic and Jerry They're both Criminals but their intentions are different both want to get rich but for different reasons both are drug dealers but for different reasons and Vic was still holding his code to use the money for Pete through out the whole game and at the end he sent it to Pete and Martinez had a serious side that I wanted it to be explored more it was only scene on his texts on badger and during the cutscene for Phil and brawn of the dead I believe but kidnapping Louise and nearly killing her , following trucks by a jet and shooting missiles and burning a whole building just because Lance was there 

This guy is very f*cking evil and has a huge hatred towards Vic and for a good reason Vic ruined his life after stealing the Mendez coke and faking it to him 

Edited by DR:BUSTA
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Forgettable but more threatening and memorable than LCS' and V's antagonists combined. He's also hilarious.

He's indeed the perfect yin to Vic's yang. He kicked him out of the military and attempted to kill him. Martinez being a clown works as well.

Edited by OH76
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