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What's the best place to find Cougars. I've tried on the left hand side of the map to the left of Strawberry for the last 2 nights and haven't seen one. Is there a better place to find them?

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Last night a cougar almost jumped me just north of Beecher’s hope. Don’t know where they’re most likely to spawn though..

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I literally got trapped in the NE corner of the map North of Beaver Hollow by Cougars.

I think I died 6 times before finally getting out, all 6 by cougars (I managed to kill two)

They are sneaky and you can't outrun them on horse :(

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Go up and down the train tracks North of Annesburg - I’ve always had one spawn around there without fail. You’ll probably need to go away for a game day or two before coming back if you’re after more than one.

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I find regular cougars spawn near Annesburg 

smaller red circle the cougar will attack on site 

the big red area is a spawn for a cougar killing a raccoon (eagle eye helps alot to find it and you'll hear a screaming raccoon) 

after that i sleep in the cabin with the blue circle to respawn the cougars sleep to night or evening (although sometimes appear at day)

sometimes only one of them appears (the raccoon killer) or they dont appear at all keep sleeping till they appear


  • save after each successful hunt trust me 
  • rifle headshot is the best
  • goodluck 
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