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'Phoenix Rising' Safe Lobby Community Recruitment *PS4 Only*

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Do you enjoy gaming as part of a community and making new gaming friends?
Do you wish to make millions of GTA Dollars and have fun while you do it? 

You are in the right place!!!

Phoenix Rising is democratic crew focused on providing a fun, light-hearted community for GTAO players. We strive to provide safe and grief-free sessions where you can socialise, get rich and make new gaming friends. We offer a range of roles which are optional for you to take up within the crew from our military role-play division to events and essential highly respected behind the scenes positions in which you can progress up through our hierarchy and become a fundamental member of the team. Some of these roles consist of:

• Defending crew sessions and engaging hostile threats as part of our Combat Division. 

• Offering advice and being the perfect role model to our new crew members as a State Guardian.

• Administration positions to aid in the smooth running and sustainability of our crew.

• Authority, respect and role-playing through advancing our ranks by becoming a successful and engaging member of our crew. 

We strive to recruit only the most determined members into our crew. We are an elite unit that operates smoothly alongside one-another as a group of online friends looking for like minded people to enjoy the experience with us. As a member of our crew, we expect you to give back to your crew-mates in a variety of ways, from helping out with a sales to ensuring the safety of cargo and sessions. In turn, we give back to our community through hosting a variety of events including car shows, community matches and training exercises, hosted for your entertainment and skill progression.

(In order to join us you must use discord to communicate, discord is a simple chat application for your mobile device or computer which is perfect for gamers 🌟)

**To join our crew please CLICK HERE**

Please note this is a PS4 only crew, we use the tag 'RISE', you can find our social club here to see our awesome logo 😀





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Click above to join this elite community!

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With the Arena Wars DLC live come join us to make some dough!

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