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Barnie Spacullie

Rpg/ grinder hybrid crew Mafia/ ps4/

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Barnie Spacullie







Hello, we are recruiting for a crew that I like to think of as a hybrid of grinders and Role play gamers. We specifically are an Italian Mafia themed crime family that originated in Liberty City, and Vice City, only to migrate to Los Santos in the coming years for the new business. Although i already stated that we are an Italian mafia, we really wont diecriminate. The only thing we will not accept is try hards, little kids that are way to vocal, people that have no understanding for mafia lifestyle and people that kill our vibe. We are not recruiting for numbers we want quality, despite we do not care if you switch between crews acording to who you are playing with. (Because a lot of crews/clans get mad, but the way we see it, if we are not there who gaf?)

this is not a rp server recruitment, nor do we operate the same way most RPG pages admininstor their policies. The only thing we do to embrace the whole "RPG" aspect is we simply play in character. Meaning we are mobsters, so act like one.


Clothes: We dont like rolling with Tron-kids (people that wear a bunch of battle armor and futuristic gear), mask squeekers (little kids in stupid mask), try hards, or people that mod their bodies to be missing limbs. We are not like 1920s mobsters, we are modern mobsters. Most of us dress like cartels, or people of the shoe Narcos, yet their is no technical one way to dress. Meaning we can technically wear any clothes as long as you look like an actual human gangster.
Please do not put us in the position to have to be rude and tell you, to change because by all means we will. If we wanted to drive around a supercar and throw sticky bombs at afk people while dressed like cartoon characters, there are plenty of people to do that with.
This group is for the people that enjoy rolling in style and actually enjoying the grinding in character. Our purpose is not to make some exclusive rp server, with some fake currency and strict rules. Our gang color is "Gold" tho their is no strict rule on revealing your colors, just dress like an actual mobster.

Mafia life: We are big on respect, and we love to have a good time with plenty of laughs. We do things in a slick city gangster fashion that may often involve doing things a harder way in order to enjoy the game in the setting you prefer.
Believe it or not there are 4 major factors that will get you high ranked amongst us.

1. Your steez: literally, dressing, talking, and acting in character is something that will shoot you through the ranks with us. If you can acomplish an italian accent (not required but god we have fun doing it) it will basically toss you into a higher rank and your opinion will be valued a lot more than a ground level mobster. We have befriended and recruited a few characters that play outside of the Mafia realm, one Role playing as a Cholo, one rping as a Irish mobster, however we accepted them simply because they are true to their characters and contribute greatly. We have no problem recruiting people that maintain their style.

2. Just being a badass: If you can hold your ground, and protect the honor of the crime Family you will be valued. Even if you are with out a mic, we will treat you like a mobster brother. We dont want you shooting people in the head at random, or acting like a maniac that constatly has us checking our back for YOUR enemies. That kind of plays into the Steez, because being a huge target because you cant controll that trigger finger isnt fun for us.

3. Family love: Help your mafia, defend your brothers and sisters and bring us honor. Never let your family do a sell alone. Never let some asshole grief your family without seeing the wrath of the Spacullie Crime Family get revenge.

4. Enjoying Los Santos: We are not just a Mafia, we are nightlife tycoons that thrive in the party industuries. So, just know we act on it. We commonly hit night clubs after tough jobs and blow off steam by partying and drinking together. We often will discuss our plans and enjoy. Rockstar has gifted us with plenty of methods to enjoy great RP, WHILE grinding! We have offices and tables we can have meetings and treeties at. We have plenty of enemies, people to ally with, and people to victimize. We have several industires in the game that can be enjoyed from Taxi services, to escort helicopters. This is all with in our reach to utilize and believe that the Spacullie Mafia takes any chance to appreciate the game play. Its often hard to do repeated cargo missions, and mc runs and not to be bored to death. However with a team of like minded Gangsters we are offering you a soloution to bring the life back into the game. Why go pick up a package, when you can actually start to apreciate the fact that you and your mafia are going to stick up another motorcyclr gang for cocaine? With the right kind of people this game can feel new and fresh, and allow you to enter your own storymode where you control your destiny.

If you are interested in joining please feel free to drop your PSN
We are often on very late at night.
If you are not interested in joining, but would love to affialiate, or interact with us, just hmu. I will be adding a group list too so you can find friends without me being in the middle!
If you like the idea of us being your crews enemy, hmu!

So far everyone i have linked up with have told me that playing with us has been some of their best GTA experiences, so come rock with us!    

My PSN: spaceculturejord

Edited by Barnie Spacullie

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Uncle Sikee Atric


Hi there.

You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your OP, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.


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Barnie Spacullie

Hello to everyone, i have gotten a few inboxes and pms.

Please please please, comment and/or like so this gains some traction because we got a more people joining, and i would like to let you guys know i have a community up now so if you guys are avoiding joining any crews we totally understand. We are not control freaks like some of these admins cough cough. 

Psn : spaceculturejord 








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