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Take Cover does not work


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If I am in a sequence and one of the characters tells me to take cover on the side of a door or behind a rock, despite being completely in the yellow marked area, it will not start the next sequence, just forever keeps telling me to take cover. This happened once in Chapter 2 I believe and once again in Chapter 5. The problem is, in chapter 2 I simply moved forward and triggered the action.

In Cha[ter 5, doing this will end the chapter before I can do anything worthwhile.

Has anybody come across this and how did they get around it?


I am stuck in a sequence with Dutch forever being told to Take Cover, even though I have done everything possible to be in cover.

Any help would be appreciated.

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So what you are saying is the cover button has never worked in the game and you can't progress past chapter 5 because of this?


just a process of emlimation but you are definitely pressing the cover button and the correct one?


what console are you playing on?


if you are pressing the correct button then it could be a problem with the actual controller as people have had issues with the controllers for other problems, so maybe try changing that if you have a spare one.

Edited by Ring Dang Do
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Don't seem to work too well normally neither.  More than once I hit to Take Cover and he hops up on an opbject, hops over it or Takes Cover one the wrong side.

That said it does sound like a Controller issue- Rock* put out something about some Aftermarket PS4 controllers having issues.

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I ended up having to do some wild break dance move for it to register.

It is not a controller issue. Just seems when you are required to take cover in a place next to a wall or rock, the game does not register you are in the yellow area. May be a clipping or other type thing.


I would not have been able to get past the mission in the Chapter without the game recognizing I was in that very exact spot as the next sequence would not start.


Only a minor glitch but annoying as it took me 30 minutes to actually get it to register. A simple timer or expanding the area you need to be in would help.


Thanks for the replies.

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