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Is there a fix for Crash Bug at The High Roller?


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According to fandom: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Glitches_in_GTA_San_Andreas

Escalators Game Crash Glitch: On the PC version of San Andreas, if CJ is at a place containing escalators with moving steps nearby, like The High Roller's entrance in Las Venturas or inside Verona Mall in Los Santos, and the player starts rotating/flipping the camera around, this might cause the game to crash to desktop. It's not known if this glitch is present on PS2 / XBOX console versions of the game.


This is the reproduce bug video


And here is the technical detail of the bug


Unhandled exception at 0x74756F52 in gta_sa.exe




Is there a fix for this bug?




Edited by 123iamking
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According to this post:



Actually, the crash on High Roller's sidewalk on The Strip in Las Venturas occurs only if you're using closest camera position on foot - I didn't got any crashes on the other two positions - on the middle and most distant cameras. On the bridge on mall in Market, Los Santos, the crash occurs on any of FOV camera positions, but it's most crashing is if you're close to the top of the north escalators or if CJ is on between escalators and turn camera down to the bridge... There I got a total of three times of crashing my SA, as the last time I've was on the middle of the bridge using most distant camera and I turned camera down to the floor and the game produced an error almost immediately. So, since then I've stopped going there completely.


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