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[MVL] Brigham Taxi for VC

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This is my first car mod ever for a 3D GTA 😛

I converted the LVPD car from San Andreas into Vice City as a taxi, since I wanted something a bit more fun to drive and get the 100 fares for the bonus, and because I think the game needed a taxi based on the Caprice too.

The car has interior textures from GTA IV and some textures and model parts from the XBOX cars mod (huge thanks to yoječ for letting me use them!!!).

I tried to keep it in the style of the XBOX cars since they are my favorite for playing the game while keeping it "lore friendly". Some parts like the front grill were edited by me. The wheels are not included in the mod, they are from the XBOX wheels mod.


It uses Maxo's Vehicle Loader.

It's carcols-compatible and it has a few different colors by default. The huge numbers on the side are inspired by taxis that appeared in Miami Vice (I guess that's what real taxis looked like in 80's Miami). I might make a police version too.






I'm using SkyGFX in my game so that's why it looks extra shiny and why some transparent textures look alright. Without SkyGFX the fan inside the car may look a bit weird.


Download link:


I'll try to upload it to gtagarage too.


If you find any bugs please let me know. By the way is it possible to have separate brakelights and reverselights or do they always use the same dummy?


Edited by MysteryDriverX
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Nice, A Caprice Like Taxi in Vice City, better than the LTD one...

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Derrick Keno

Interesting. Honestly, looks like something off Shine o'Vice. The license plate is a nice touch: it resembles the ones I made for Shine o'Vice.

Edited by Derrick Keno
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Nice taxi! :^:

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