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Who is the REAL traitor?(Spoiler)


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Old Man With No Name
2 hours ago, Failed Again said:

When Arthur, breaks Micah out of Strawberry

Arthur is masked up. And Micah, keeps YELLING Arthur's name, seems odd and dumb

So thats why i got 300 dollar bounty on my head after that mission :D

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On 11/18/2018 at 1:58 AM, zilapos said:

We all knew in the end of game , Milton reveal Micah is the rat , but there is something confuse me.

Acording to Milton's word:" Micah Bell , We picked him up , when you boys came back from Caribbeen , and he's been a good boy ever since. "

Now we know that Micah is betrayed the gang since they came back from Guama , but the thing is , after chapter 5 , actually there is nothing to betrayed for , the action of gang is all success and none related to Pinkerton , kill Cornwall , rob train , screw with military ...etc.

If Micah is a traitor , what kind of information he told to Pinkerton ? and if do so , what harm to the gang? and why he do that ?

I'll say in the whole story , only the Saint Denny bank robbery mission possible exist traitor , but that is far beyond the timeline Milton mentioned , even it is not , in that action Micah is one of the fighter in bank , risk his life in gunfire and end miserable on Guama like every one else , is that really a traitor kind?

Is it really fair to blame all the failure of gang on Micah?

Is it possible Milton is lying ? in order to separate the gang ?

What do you guys think?

Here's my crazy long theory/explanation:


Micah was the rat we care about.


But There was another rat. It was Mac Callander....(in my opinion the RDR3 protagonist).


Blackwater happens. We know from the story that Mac, Davey, Sean, John and Jenny all get injured during the battle. 


Jenny and Davey due to their injuries up in the Mountains.


John survives.


Sean gets captured by the Pinkerton's but is handed off to bounty hunters to be sent to Prison. 


Mac is the only character not to be seen in the game (Jenny has a grave). Milton says that he caught up to Mac and killed him. I think this is a total lie. Sean was also captured by the Pinkerton's but never mentions seeing Mac or hearing about him being killed and that's because he wasn't. Mac would have known the gang would have been crazy enough to go into the Mountains during winter. The Pinkerton's would have found Jenny's grave first, then Colter and Davey's grave, then the outpost where Dutch's gang find Colm's plan to rob the train. By then Cornwall would have reported the robbery. Then Arthur rescues Sean and they would have last been seen heading for Valentine (the almost immediate bounty after rescuing Sean). Then they find Arthur fishing and send Mac away to try to turn Arthur but either way they'll have Dutch spooked. 




Blackwater - Mac is the rat, but Arthur later suspects Micah since he suggests all the failed jobs and people have died. Micah eventually turns to Pinkerton's cause he sees Dutch going crazy and Arthur's pointing the blame at him.


Colter - No Rats = No Problems


Horseshoe Overlook - Pinkerton's catch up, Cornwall has personal security, Sean's rescue, Micah shoots up a town...Too much, too soon. Not enough lying low.


Clemens Point - Gray's and Braithwaite's know who the gang are because they are the Police Force, decide to end family feud to earn all of the bounty money promised by Pinkerton's but have the "kindness" to send Jack to Bronte (like an adoption service) because he's innocent. Sends gang on crazy desperate mission to "save" Jack.


Shady Belle - Colm finds Kieran, makes a deal with the Pinkerton's, captures Arthur and attacks Shady Belle. Investigation into Bronte brings the Pinkerton's to the Bank Heist.


Guarma - Happens


Beaver Hollow - While Sadie and Arthur get John out of prison, help Dutch with ensuring Colm's execution takes place and bust up the rest of the O'Driscoll's, Micah turns to the Pinkerton's and gives them everything he knows. He arranges Abigail's kidnapping while having a convenient alibi. Sadie and Arthur save Abigail and Arthur sends them away. The Pinkerton's follow Arthur back to the last of the gang at Beaver Hollow (just to make sure Dutch was there, they knew where the hideout was, they intervened in the standoff to save Micah and Capture Dutch). John and Arthur Split, Dutch sends Javier and Bill away, while Micah splits from his goons and hunts down Arthur so he can pin him as the sick man who went soft. But Dutch finds them fighting, but Arthur convinces him that Micah turned. Dutch and Micah split their separate ways.


Dutch plays Micah years later in an effort to save John from killing Micah knowing the ramifications of what will happen to John. But it doesn't work out for anyone because they track down the stolen money to John since he used it to pay off his debts.



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I think Hosea was partly the rat for the St. Denis Bank Job, and his actions in Chapter 4 are suspicious enough to raise my ire.

1) Continual blow ups between Dutch and Hosea in Colter, Horseshoe Overlook, and Clemens Point

2) "You'll damn us all" before Country Pursuits

3) He was pushing hardest for the St. Denis Bank Job

4) Pinkertons have shown before they are willing to use a Van Der Linde gang member for their end goals, only to betray them in cold blood (John Marsten)


It wouldnt' be unsurprising if Hosea saw the gang going off the rails, tried to make a deal with the Pinkertons (end of Chapter 3 at Clemens Point) with a "gang safety for Dutch" deal. Once Dutch rejected it at the bank, it was all downhill. Talk about HOSEa'd!

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On 8/5/2020 at 6:20 PM, Failed Again said:

When Arthur, breaks Micah out of Strawberry

Arthur is masked up. And Micah, keeps YELLING Arthur's name, seems odd and dumb

Yea hate that mission, and that c*nt Micah. What does Dutch see in that useless c*nt i'll never know. 

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