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Possible Theory for Random Crash Cause


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So after trying the mod out a few times on the latest build (also noticed this in old builds in the past) I have a theory as to what could be causing the random crashes. My theory is that there is another limit that needs to be patched, or the limit adjuster settings file needs to be tweaked. Before the crash happens, I notice that some objects do not spawn. Another thing is, when I pause the game, the pause menu background turns into a white square. It is like the game just stops drawing more textures and models.


The reason why I think it is another limit is biased on the behavior. My theory is that the game has some sort of cache, possibly a list of references to models/textures that have already been loaded, and it overflows. So giving these cases where I notice the limit being triggered.

-Case 1: I spawn in Los Santos, drive to the Airport from Grove Street, fly to VC, and go all over VC. Eventually I leave and go to LC. All seems fine, but after this, if I go to somewhere I have yet been to, say other parts of the SA map, I'll notice textures and models starting to not load, and that is followed by a crash.

-Case 2: Same thing as Case 1. Except this time I drive around Los Santos a little bit. Now, I leave LS, go to VC, then go to LC like before. This time, I notice the issue start happening in LC.

-Case 3: I stay in San Andreas. I drive everywhere all over the original map, buying properties, and such. Game stays fine since there really isn't much additional content loading than the game would have. As soon as I leave and go to another city, the game starts to do the missing models/textures, soon followed by a crash.

-Case 4: I spawn in ether LC or VC. I spend some time driving around both of those maps. All is well. Then when I decide to drive around in San Andreas, I can usually visit a city or two, and maybe some of the rural areas. However, visit the whole map is something that can't be done. Same issue happens. Models and textures go missing, followed by a crash.

Also I should point out that the Bully map probably crashes when traveling there because you pretty much have to pass over the other maps to get there.

I hope that this helps.

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I had the same problem before now. Think SA still has a sort of 'pool' or 'txdstore' limit that still needs to be hacked. What you described was very similar to the problem I faced.


LODless SA with a HD texture pack (I used SRT & Rosa) - Game will stop loading and crash whenever I visited a third city, doesn't matter which city I visit last it will happen.

My old Trilogy mod - I can drive around SA no problem (all maps didn't have LODs mind you), then can visit either VC or LC but then I will get the same problem again if I visit another city. To speed up the process I made a CLEO script to load request all models with IDs 2000-19000 (just like @Junior_Djjr's Load Whole Map Script) and would enable each IDE entry one by one till the game would not spawn anything (spawning JetPack, parked cars, peds etc). Think I remember I could load 93 IDE files through gta.dat. Sure that doesn't matter as its more to do with how many entries in each IDE all together because if I included props, vegetation etc in the script it would only allow me to enable even less IDEs before that problem starts.


As I had the same problem with a texture pack installed and a LODless SA, maybe could be a limit on how many textures gets loaded into the game before it decides there is no more room to load more like what you described when you paused the menu when the problem starts.

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