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Horse Change Bug


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I am in chapter 4 of the game and have bought an Arabian horse for 1,000 bucks at the new city's stable. I had just finished the mission where the O'Driscolls had attacked camp and was fast traveling from the map to Cornwall's oil field, only to find that my Arabian horse had been swapped with a Tennessee walker. I even checked with the stable and there was no Arabian horse. I sold it trying to see if that would help, it did not and its sell price was lower than the one given to you at the start of the game at $2.50 compared to $4. This glitch frustrated me enough where im going to take a small break from the game. 

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I have the same bug, also in Chapter 4.


I've had the same Female Ardennes War horse since the start of the game, I was doing some exploring earlier, I stopped in Valentine to get a room for the night, slept, woke up and exited game. 2hrs later I launch game, spawn in Valentine, I go to my horse and it has changed to a Male Tennessee Walker, the new horse has the same name that I gave the Ardennes and same maxed out bonding level. Also, now my satchel has minty and thyme meats which I didn't have before.

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Had to revisit and read this.  I lost my Nokota in a gun battle early this morning.  I dided as well and I 'Came to' with a Straddler.  Went to the Stable and no Nkota so I get my War Horse out of Moth Balls.   I was thinking, because I had also lost a Thorobred earlier-it just disappeared from camp, that perhapst it had to beo with both horses being aquired outside the Stables.


The TB I found by a road, fullty saddled but no rider so I took it but did not have a chance to Stable it because the game pulled me into a Mission simply because I walked past it not because I wanted to go.


So it took a couple of in-game days to get back and go to move the TB to Stable it.


The Nokota I took off a side mission from someone else and have been using it for weeks [[in game]] day out of game.


These glitches are really killing my opinion of the game.  I wwas very hyped and figured there would be minimal glitches and more stuff after eight years of work but apparently the work all went into the graphics and they just rehashed a lot of the code from RDR! which was a great game despite the wmen with mule heads and bouncing wagons and such but that sh*t should not have been brought over into an eight year endeavor.  That is plain lazy QC/Development.

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I had this happen one time and I think I was still in Chapter two or early Chapter 3.

It happened to me after staying in Valentine for a night so now I am thinking this may be part of the issue.

It was my Special Edition Thoroughbred, so went back and got another one but yeah a very very annoying glitch.

I will say this, it has been the only real glitch that angered me through this game so far.

Not bad considering...

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I just had this happen to me a 2nd time in the same playthrough, this time in Chapter 6 right after finishing the Visiting Hours mission. I was at camp and the game crashed to the dashboard, relaunched and my Ardennes War horse (which I had just finished max bonding with) has now switched to the Tennessee Walker again.

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That would be frustrating.   One glitch deserves another.   If you go north of Saint Denis to where there's a group of three buildings every horse in the game randomly spawns there.  I've even had a gang horse spawn there that can't be stabled.  Get your black arabian back for free, and if the rose gray bay spawns, even better. 

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I think they ended that glitch with the update-spent four in0game days including reloads and doing other stuff then going back-either there is nothing there or it is Trotters, Morgans and Walkers.

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3 hours ago, Satanta said:

I think they ended that glitch with the update-spent four in0game days including reloads and doing other stuff then going back-either there is nothing there or it is Trotters, Morgans and Walkers.

They did fix that, you cant get the gray bay no more...I was lucky I did the glitch before the patch landed?

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