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Feral Man (spoiler)

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The general area is west of Annesburg.


Someone said the found him as far south as the area west of van horn, but I reloaded an older save and couldn't find him in that area. So I think they might be mistaken or maybe I wasn't lucky enough.


If I remember correctly I ran across him the first time a little north of the trapper's stall in that area. Not far from the trail of bent trees.


Just know...

That's cougar country, and the minute you are not trying to find them, they show up to kill you lol. So be on the lookout for them.


Also, you will run across a few of the hill folk encounters in that area (especially at night)

...so my advice is save and save often.



Edited by Deadman2112

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I killed the wolves and then killed him just because of that awful wailing he does. Sad in a way, certainly, but I had to move on, haha

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On 12/28/2018 at 5:41 PM, scotthedge12 said:

Where does he spawn near? I've only seen him once

He spawns around the bend by the creek that looks like a "Y" on the map. Every guide tells you to go to the "R" letter in Roanoke Valley


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Just too bad you can't pull a Rick and Morty and save his dad from being executed in prison for alleged cannibalism by delivering him to his family.

My first play through I was ambushed multiple times by him in several locations. I had to google it. I even killed him once by dead eyeing as soon as I heard his howl. My horse threw me (arabian) and the wolves killed me then his body disappeared. When I went to his actual location he was in the cave and charged me very quickly. I panicked and shot him. This time around I will save and load until I can keep him alive. Nothing will happen, sadly, but the role play alone makes it worth it. Just cannot believe R* did not allow us to engage in some type of dialogue with him and a potential "mission" to reintegrate him back to society. So much wasted opportunity here for the white western Mowgli of RDR.

Edited by 3Prcntr

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