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Animal Companions / Pets

White Shark

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I think finally having pets or animal companions added to RDO would be great.  For GTAO, there was never really a purpose to have them other than decorative purposes.  But in RDO, they would definitely have a place.  Another post mentioned using dogs for tracking, post here, but there is a lot more potential.


Dogs to track or even help hunt large prey by bringing them down.

Cats could be used to chase and grab small prey.

Hawk could be used in a similar way to grab small prey.

Parrot could be a companion sitting on your shoulder, more as a pet that says humourous things.

Wolves would be a good alternative to dogs, but more unpredictable.

Squirrels / chipmunks could be used to forage nuts and berries.


Then in general, smaller animals like rats, lizards, small birds etc can be used just as pets.  All the above would need to be obtained in the wild by catching them unharmed (could implements nets and traps to cover this) and then you would need to level them up by training them (similar to bonding with horses) in order for the animal to do fulfill its purpose.


So things don't get out of control, it would be limited to one animal per player, and if they wanted to go a step further, the animal replaces your horse, but this I don't think is fully necessary.


Thoughts?  Other ideas for what animals could be used for in game?  Sensible ideas please.  Not have a trained bear to kill other players, or a pet alligator.

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within reason something like this could be cool, just don't let other players harm them. Someone lassos my horse and leaves me stranded in the middle of the desert, fine. Someone steals a robbery or bounty from me, fine. Kill me repeatedly for no reason and mock me on voice chat, fine. But they touch one damn hair on my pet cat or dog and they will very quickly find out that a normally peaceful player can be as dangerous as the worst griefer if you manage to actually pi** them off.

Edited by TiberiusMcQueen
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Would be cool to get dogs for hunting or increased range in eagle vision,spotting nearby enemies n similar stuff. 

Cats as a camp upgrade to protect your food supplies perhaps. Cows/sheep/chicken as camp upgrade for food.

A hawk could also work like in assassins creed.


But i think if we get pets it will take a few months. 

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