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chronic lumbago

Does anyone remember that assassination forum game?

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chronic lumbago

I don't remember how the topic was called, but back in the GTAIV days, possibly V, there was a fun forum game where users would come up with assassination targets in the game, describe the target, location, prefered method of killing ect. Another user could pick up that contract, kill the target in-game, make a picture, write a short story about it and post it here.


I think it would work AMAZING in RDR2. I really can't find that old topic anymore. It would also take a bit of time to write down the first post to start the game, with rules and an explanation and such. 


Is anyone up for the task of creating that thread? 


In a few weeks or so, I could imagine spending hours simply doing those contracts in the game. It's like our own made up side story.

Edited by 1972
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I do actually remember that thread from years ago!!


i don't really remember much except for the pictures people poste, so I won't be much use on the rules front. But I am in.

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I remember it from GTA V.  I never participated but the thread was a fun read.  Someone should start that up.  If I get a chance to get in today I’ll find a target and post it here.

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Jimmy Darmody

EH! I like it. I go first:

Imagem relacionada

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Oh, I remember that. I remember participating too. This'll be fun for RDR2.

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chronic lumbago

Well, if anyone can send me a link to one of those old threads, I could start an official topic here (unless the original creator or someone else wants to do it of course.)

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I remember reading those, i tried having a quick search but couldn't find any threads as i don't recall the actual name. 


I think the format was to have a picture of the target and some information. (Like age, gender, background made up information and reason to why you want that person dead. You can also choose prefered method of killing) 

Then someone needs to accept the contract and they have a set amount of time to kill that person before someone else can claim the contract. 

To fulfill the contract, the person who accepted needs to post an image of the killed person (and can choose to give a brief description of what went down, can be factual or ficitional)

Then someone else can choose to put down a contract after the previous one is fulfilled.


That's all i can remember at the moment but I might try submitting my own later.



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chronic lumbago

@TheFooIYT here it is! 


You can start the topic if you're up for it. Here's my suggestion for some rules.


Minimal requirements for a contract are a location, name and a description of the target.


Recommended additions are a photo (eventually replaces a description) and a backstory.


Players should be able to get creative and come up with their own special reqirements, such as method of killing or disposing a body. Maybe even capturing a target alive? 


Finishing a contract should come with at least a short story and a picture of proof. Sharing a pic online is the easiest thing ever nowadays.


So just say the word if you're up for it. I feel like writing it down myself too.

Edited by 1972

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