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[REL|V] V PropRestore


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On 11/29/2018 at 12:40 PM, cp1dell said:

Considering this - is it better to use @BlackScout‘s version that directly edits the files instead?

I much prefer this ymap version but it does require extra vigilance when either making ymap changes yourself or installing any other ymap based mods. I repaired the Dashound bus station yesterday and had to remember to make the ymap changes in the proprestorer files, instead of the game files.


As @BlackScoutsaid, it would be better if Rockstar fixed it but let's face it, Rockstar aren't going to fix a single thing in this game, so it's all left to the modders to fix things.

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@LeeC2202 Yeah I figured, considering the “support” with other ymap mods.


Yeah I could never see them fixing it themselves. In the long run though, at least it is fixed - fixable by players.


Though, it makes me worry what else there might be that we don’t know of. Nobody would have ever known about this if it weren’t for that one user who noticed this in Codewalker.

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49 minutes ago, cp1dell said:

Though, it makes me worry what else there might be that we don’t know of. Nobody would have ever known about this if it weren’t for that one user who noticed this in Codewalker.

I agree and I think you also have to get lucky, sometimes... the idea has to click in your brain to make you look further. I mean in June this year, I added some comments on my CCTV mod page on my website, about the CCTV cameras this mod added. I had extracted 10,000 ymap files, found the missing props but I came to the incorrect conclusion that they were probably multiplayer related, so I gave up trying to find a way to enable them. I enabled the MP maps and still didn't see them, so that made me think they were specific to a certain online mission maybe. Then when I did another mod that used Ronnie's Luxury Car Wash, I saw all the missing props and again, just presumed they were for MP. I had never played online, so I had no real idea. So it also makes you wonder what people have found and then dismissed as not being SP content and just moved on.


I think the types of mods you create can also influence how you see a problem, so I for one am glad that there are people approaching things with a more open mind and a broader understanding of the files (and game systems) in GTA V than I have... I see things in files and take them at face value.


Plus there's all the files that haven't been decrypted yet, which could be another hiding place for secrets.

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Roger Van Zant

Ttokenblackguy here,


Thanks for doing this. Would love your help on a mod I'm working on if you don't mind. I posted it on here but didn't realize you had to not be a new member to edit posts, so it's currently not finished being edited. here's the thread here:


San Andreas Revisioned

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  • 1 month later...

Is there a way to apply this sort of thing to cargens? For instance, the parked vehicles at the davis police station rarely ever spawn. tried giving them the high priority flag in codewalker, no luck.

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I believe there was a glitch with the power cables around Vinewood Hills that were present in the map, but underneath the ground (proper x,y-coordinates but much lower in z than it should), would be possible to fix those aswell? (assumming there isnt a mod that already fixes that)

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  • 2 weeks later...

It's crazy to think 5 years later this stuff is still being found and fixed by the community.  Is there any obvious downside to this?  ie. is it more system intense and resource hogging or was it most likely since the PS3 and XB360 just couldn't drive as much details?

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  • 7 months later...
  • 2 weeks later...

hm, I wonder if something similar could be done about grass


I noticed that grass on normal isn't the same as old gen grass


like this




there are no grass on this area on pc normal grass settings, and on pc we either play with anti aliasing or with grass...


assuming there's no dynamic grass on old gen, one can imagine this was hand placed, then maaaaaybe there's something to be found on console ymap?

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