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So what's the deal with CJ being black?

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Official General
22 hours ago, Lioshenka said:

Fair enough, all points taken and thanks for taking your time to respond.Apologies if I came out too agressive in my earlier message.


If OP's point was about people hating the game solely because of CJ's colour then for sure, that's not right. If you look at the game as a whole it makes no sense to make him white, and it's definitely not an excuse to demand a completely new story just because of his ethnicity. I disliked certain elements of some of the GTAs stories, but they were all mostly well written and put together and I certainly wouldn't say that one is more worthy then the other just because of the protagonists' race.


Just going to expand on this one a bit more, which may give a bit of an insight of why my approach to gaming may differ from that of majority of other players. Having been raised by an abusive NPD mother my life lacks a lot of things that most of people would take for granted. Playing the game and being able to immerse myself in the game world allows me to lead the life I was robbed of and do things I was never able to do: be out at night, have friends, travel to other places, succeed and get recognised or rewarded for that, wear and eat what I want, swim or ride a dirtbike. For me a game is a way to escape the reality and lead a fulfilling life where I am in charge of my actions rather than a mere entertainment tool.

This is why I like the games where the main character can look and act like I would in an alternate reality, or that provide me with a detailed visually rich world with a captivating story that literally makes me forget anything else - same goes with the films that I like to watch.

It's all good here, but thanks anyway. I understand that, and thanks for providing a deeper insight into your approach to GTA gaming. Luckily for you, mods help you realise your requirements here. 

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