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Dominoes, what I learned


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Playing dominoes on challenge 9 is arguably the hardest thing to do in this game.  I had somewhere around 43 hours of playing Dominoes when I finally managed to beat it.  Here are a few of the things I learned:


1.) After developing a basic skill set for the game of learning to get rid of doubles first and generally how to play, skill has virtually no bearing on this game.  

2.) a table with only two people at it already seems to be easiest, even though when I finally got it was a full table.

3.)Emerald Ranch is probably the easiest to play at and if you decide to shoot everyone around out of frustration...easiest to escape from.  

4.) IMPORTANT: if you have won a round or two but the current round is going badly, exit the game mid round.  The time I beat the challenge, I exited anytime somebody passed 30 points.


More conspiracy theory-ish but seemed to hold true after the amount of time I played.

1.)The player to your left will typically have an advantage regardless where you sit at the table.  They will win a higher number or rounds and go first more than other positions. 

2.)There are 28 dominoes in a deck(?) 7 of those are doubles and you will see time and again that you will be dealt 3 or more of these per hand. 

3.) You will pass more than any other player at the table

4.)if you draw tiles you will normally draw several as where the AI seems to get luckier on a consistent basis.  The AI will draw the entire stack on occasion buts its rare and frequently only so the other AI can "domino"  netting a TON of points.


Above ALL ELSE!!!

If you lose a hand look away from the tv, the annoying little smirk they have on their face will drive you up a wall


One other things that is probably a programming error.   The "win vs who goes first next round" system doesn't seem to work correctly.  The person who has the highest double always leads the game, but after that the winner of each round goes first (according to the rules).  In the rare case of a complete draw with no winners it reverts back to the highest double.   I have seen it several times where I would win a round or another player wins because they had domino and got the points, then it will say in the top that "Hyram won the last round so he goes first"  Well, Bob got the points and had the domino soooo pretty sure he won it.  

Edited by guardian1816
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Knowing what I know now I wish I would of had that challenge started way back in like chapter 2 when I was playing dominoes with tilly.

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20 minutes ago, Jedster said:

hmmm interesting info, I don't but I can certainly get it... :) you need to get is something from the buck to fence and he will made it right? 


On 11/16/2018 at 2:09 PM, guardian1816 said:

Above ALL ELSE!!!

If you lose a hand look away from the tv, the annoying little smirk they have on their face will drive you up a wall




Haven't really played dominos yet, mostly because I don't know how to play. Gotta learn though, because I just reached level 5 for the gambler challenge.


BUT. Is the stupid smirk anything like the one everyone makes when they win a hand at poker? Because that irritates me to no end.

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Maybe you aren’t very good at dominoes. I beat it last night in Probly 45 minutes. Never did I experience any of this that you describe. I had never played before. Had a rough time against 2 opponents. I think one opponent is ideal and then try and control both sides of the game so you always have a move.  I did mine at emerald ranch because 1- it’s at the bloody train station and 2 - when I lose I just beat up the guy and reload my save and try again. Finally done with the gambler challenge though so I’ll probly never play another mini game. 

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