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Any 'paper world map' you can find in-game?

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I'm playing now without using the in-game map; I'm making use of landmarks and in-game signs to find my way. On top of that I'm using a map that I have on my phone if I'm really lost.

So the other day I was thinking "how cool it would be to have a paper map in-game that I can take whenever I want to find my way", anyone know if there is one to discover ?

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Sure hope so and wish you all the best on finding it buddy, though some "paper virtual map" sure sounds to me like a weird, almost quantiq, concept....

Edited by Eram

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That would be iffy. In some scenarios, it works--if you have a compass. Although all of the locations in RDR2 are distinct, I'm not confident that they always lend themselves well to topographical awareness. The map would have to be very specific with its altitude lines and color-coding/treeline-mapping for it to work well. And you'd still need that compass.

Edited by MatthewIRL
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You can’t take it with you but they do exist in the game. The obvious one is when you unlock fast travel. It would be prettt cool to have one on your character though that you could pull out and study.

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I mean theres the legendary animals map. 


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14 hours ago, geeknetgamespsn said:

I mean there's the legendary animals map. 

Can you open it in-game?

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44 minutes ago, Ayesha said:

Can you open it in-game?

Yes, you pull it from your satchel

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You could use the Legendary Animals map, but I'd recommend the Legendary Fish map as map looks slightly normal i.e. you don't have large creatures covering up sections of the map.

Edited by DirtCheap
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