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Rolling Block Rifle


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I complete the mission 'Pouring Forth Oil', but i can't buy the Rolling Block Rifle. I thought I can buy it after the mission?

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Are you sure it hasn't been given to you for free already? 


If it has a red padlock symbol on it in the gun seller book, it's still locked.

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Not sure where you are but I got mine in Chpt2 after a Mission.  Red Padlock means it is locked, White patch over saying 'owned' and it should be in your Horse.

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Yes, there is a red padlock. But why?  All information sites say that I can get it after 'Pouring Forth Oil', but there is still the red padlock.

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I did some quick research on it.


I got mine from a Mission in the same chpt involving John but somehow missed the mission you are reffing to-seems they are all part of one large segment.  


Might be, I did part of it and got the rifle but you've done a different part and still have to do the part I did for it.   I remember John talking about and trying to get me to do the Train but I could not find him on the map to do it so finally gave up figuring it timed out.


In other words say the Mission has 3 parts and I did 1 and 3 and got the rifle doing 3 because it was needed for that segment but you have done 1 and 2 and will do 3 and get the rifle at that point.

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