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Your most powerful moment.

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John building his house 

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When they burn down Braithwaite manor and she is just standing there in hysterics as it all goes up in flames. That mission is the Three Leaf Clover of the game.

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1. When we finally come down from the mountains.

2. The gang posse on the way to the Braithwaite manor.

3. Coming back from Guarma and hearing unexpectedly Unshaken.
4. Walking out of the doctor's office and hearing voice overs and seeing a deer.

5. That's the way it is.

6. Arthur looking at the sunrise peacefully as he dies.

7. That final deer shot.

8. Hearing John's theme again.

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Just finished the game...Most powerful moment was the passing out and doctor diagnosis...that was very emotional. Also love the feeling of doing farm work with Jim/John. With him being the farm protector, felt good.

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This whole story was extraordinary and I really enjoyed going through the range of emotions this game invokes in you but something that keeps on my mind is the Braithwaite Secret. If you have not discovered what that is I strongly recommend you find out for yourself in your own way. You can find it by the cabins along the lake in Braithwaite Manor(you'll know it when you see it)....but don't look at the spoiler before you see it


When I first came across this location I saw the shack, heard a girl in there, then noticed the chains wrapped around it. Well this game had desensitized me so much that I though it was another group of sick f*cks locking people up to do sinister things to them. Well I'm sure anyone who came across this figured out whats actually going on in there and I think it's far worse than my original diagnosis. It's a mentally disabled girl the family just locked away in a shack in the woods to die(which she is actually dead if you go back with John). It was just so incredibly sad as I slowly realized what was actually going on. I think that for this time period that kind of sh*t probably really happened because people really didn't understand that stuff yet but my god this was very sad.


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1. Sean's death. Came out of nowhere, had me stunned for a few moments without believing what happened.

2. Kieran's death. Brutal and creepy at the same time. The sight of his headless corpse riding back to camp legit made me scream.

3. The entire gang riding to the Braithwaite's manor to get Jack back. The wide angle shot of them walking side by side towards it is bone-chillingly awesome.

4. Hosea and Lenny's deaths. I liked Lenny a lot.

5. Walking through Guarma's beach after being shipwrecked, set to fantastic ambient soundtrack.

6. Blowing up Fussar's warship. The entire soundtrack of that mission is awesome.

7. Coming back from Guarma and riding back to Shady Belle to "Unshaken". My favorite track of the entire game.

8. Arthur's diagnosis.

9. The entire feeling of dread and death that came after said diagnosis. The game started playing long creepy drones for me instead of the usual peaceful guitar tracks while I began riding around. The way Arthur coughed everytime I took something gave me this weird sensation of playing like a dying person. The entire game world for me changed at that very moment like I had to make every last action matter. Unreal feeling I've never felt anywhere else.

10. The death of the guy that joined Arthur in the hot air balloon. I genuinely liked him and thought it was unecessary.

11. Colm being hanged. The way Arthur waves at him from the roof was the cherry on the top. I even shot his corpse in the face before the mission ended.

12. All of Chapter 6. Every moment, down to Arthur perishing while watching the sunset.

13. Hearing the RDR1 theme in "JIm Milton Rides, Again?". Chills all over my spine.

14. Rebuilding Beecher's Hope with Charles and Uncle. Really creative way of making that entire mission an interactive cutscene.

15. Hunting down Micah. The whole tension (despite knowing John wasn't going to die there) was incredible. It got duplicated when Sadie was captured hostage.

16. Shooting Micah in the face a hundred times and once in the dick before he falls over.


No wonder. This is the best Rockstar game to date. The closest they've ever gotten to perfection.

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Besides the obvious, Arthur thanking his horse and prepares for his final fight, the moment at the final mission of epilogue 2, where John aims at Micah and Dutch several times. I've always hated Dutch and blame him for everything, including Arthur's demise. 

When John aimed at him, I fired a shot right in Dutch's face, failing the mission once, twice, up to five times on purpose, just to see Dutch biting my bullet and die several times. 

You can restart the mission right at the point of the aiming thing, so there was no previous effort lost if I did this. And I loved it. I had pointed a gun at Dutch's head several times before, but the dot went grey and I couldn't fire a shot as Arthur. I finally could and took my chance! 


Edited by Guest

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When Colm was getting hanged and Sadie asked the guy how it feels to watch somebody you care about die that was a cold blooded line. You can also see the fear on his face.

Edited by woggleman

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Jim Milton aiming his weapons at the thieves in the ranch while this masterpiece kicks in!




I cannot explain how hyped and excited I was right after hearing this, powerful song and powerful moment for me, this game is the best!

Just as I was slowly recover from the ending of Chapter VI, they threw this at me and it just got me right back into the heart of the action.

Edited by Maddened_Ghost

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I've just started the epilogue. I already knew Arthur was going to die, but it was still bone chilling nonetheless. I shed a tear (no joke) when my horse died as it was the very horse Arthur got. Then he's standing over the poor thing as it's dying. 😥


I didn't expect that. Other powerful moments are when Hosea and Lenny die. Really there's so much to mention. Even though I haven't quite finished in full I can't wait now for John to put a bullet in that mothef*cker's face Micah.. This game is such a roller coaster of emotions. From moments that make you laugh, to those that make you cry. It's been such a wonderful experience I want to play Red Dead Redemption all over again because now it puts extra layers on John going after Dutch and the rest of them.

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Arthur chat with Sister Calderón, at the train station. 


May I stand Unshaken. 

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I haven't beaten the game yet, most of the powerful moments that i've seen have been said but one in my opinion. In chapter 3 when the O'driscolls set up the bullsh*t meeting with Dutch and  Micah, which was a setup for  The O'drsicolls to kidnap Arthur, When Arthur gets back to camp and people start to help him. Dutch just comes across as hollow and  sounds like a used car salesman. At that point i felt  like Dutch doesn't really have Arthur's back and Arthur is just a pawn on his chess board. It may not have been an extremely powerful moment, but i would call it a turning point.

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Many others have pointed it out already but that Braithwaite Manor confrontation was the stand-out moment in the game for me.


The way they all walk in a line down the pathway with the Braithwaites coming out to meet them, followed by the seconds-long stand-off when the music goes quiet before all hell breaks loose... it was just epic.


Likewise, that ride down the hill towards the oil field with the Morricone-like electric guitar kicking in was incredible, had to save the clip for posterity.

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On 11/15/2018 at 6:45 PM, White Shark said:

For me, it was the moment at the train station after you drop off Captain Monroe and you see the nun.  You start coughing and she asks "What's wrong?" and Arthur responds with a defeated tone: "I'm uh, I'm dying, Sister."  That hits you hard, as it's Arthur accepting the inevitable.


The bit that choked me up was when he sighs and says to her "I guess I... I'm afraid." and he looks at her with such sorrow as his eyes mist up.  Vulnerable like the rest of us facing the inevitable.  No way to reverse it with any health tonics, foods, core boosts or anything.  Just the guarantee of death.





Exactly,,,,this was an incredible moment....I felt for Arthur while i could see it in his eyes

I felt that I understood Arthur at this moment more so than any other time


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