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School Days Los Santos (DYOM STORYLINE)

Svetoslav LOL 2

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Svetoslav LOL 2

This is my new project that I am working now.It's school days:Los santos.




Los santos,1985,Zack is expelled from 3 schools in a row.His parents are so mad at him that they leave him in Los Santos to his grandmother.He is there for the summer.Zack gots expelled again but his friend Chris tells him that the principal does something bad.He is working with some ''students'' and they do bad things toghether.Will Zack and Chris understand what they do or they will be grounded for ever? will they show the city the truth behind jacksons academy? you will find out.



Theme Song: 





The storyline is in work progress.Also the website of DYOM is closed for now.I will upload it asap.😄








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Svetoslav LOL 2



The DYOM site is now working.The storyline will be realesed TODAY! *







*Today is 22.11.2018 is it coming out in (6p.m.)

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Svetoslav LOL 2

Naah something crashed my game...Tommorow it will be uploaded sorry.Tommorow 4p.m. for real this time


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