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Few gameplay questions (may contain spoilers)

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Again, possible spoilers for some as my questions are mainly based around gameplay.


1. I always get a "poor animal pellet" how do you get a "good" one for crafting items? I've tried bow and arrow, stealth kills, head kills but it's always poor?

2. To find dinosaur bones or cigarette cards etc, is there a way to see which ones I still need to collect? 

3. Dead eye is slightly under 3/4 full on the outer ring and I'm on chapter 4. Does this sound correct or is there a way to improve this? I do the regular chores but haven't done loads of fishing yet.

4. Never played the original Red Dead but see that it's on sale. Is it worth buying or would it feel outdated now that I've played RDR2?

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1. Use the right weapon,have a look at the compendium. Scan animals first in eagle vision and only hunt the good ones(3 stars). For some animals the compendium is not correct though.

2. If you got one theres a symbol on the map,other then that theres nothing to help you with your search ingame. 

3. Im on chapter 4 as well and 3/4 full,so i guess that sounds good?

4. Its a great game,maybe hard to get into if youre used to rdr2 graphics etc but i would definetely try it.

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4 hours ago, EssCee said:

cigarette cards etc, is there a way to see which ones I still need to collect?

You may not be able to see the exact card per se


Go to progress, then scroll across to cigarette cards. You should be able to see which are missing,

it will be blank and no description; but it's easy enough to work out. Like my horse collection goes: 3, 4, 6. #5 being my missing one.

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Animals must be 3 stars or a perfect pelt is impossible. And unless you get amazingly lucky, you'll never get a perfect pelt with a repeater, handgun, or shotgun.


You can use any "rifle" (Springfield, Bolt Action, Rolling Block, Carcano) on fox, coyote, deer sized or larger game with a head shot. Regular arrows for anything smaller than deer. Improved or poison arrows for anything larger. Small game arrows for ducks or smaller birds, squirrels and anything smaller (although a varmint rifle is fine for muskrats so long as you hit their head). Varmint rifles are good for rabbits, raccoons, opposums, and beavers.


Seek out the legendary buck to get the trinket - it gives you an added edge to getting those perfect pelts. Legendary animals can be killed any way you like. No need to be careful. 

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