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Help ID this GTA sound?


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Does anyone know where the blood spraying and heart burst sound effect, at the end of this video, comes from?


The blood looks like GTA San Andreas blood---is this from the game?


Or is it from a different video game?




Thanks, all!

Edited by vikkiredheels
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"Kill Bill vol. 2" Unique scene.

Nothing to do with "GTA San Andreas"

There are No Credits to assign anything to  "TA San Andreas"

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Just to be clear, the sound effect I'm asking about is at the end of this short clip---I know it's Kill Bill, but the blood spraying and heart popping out of his chest is not part of the movie.


I'm trying to figure out what video game the sound effect / graphic is from.


Looked a lot like GTA San Andreas blood / sfx, so I thought I'd start here.


But it could be a different game. Any ideas? Any games with notably ridiculous blood effects like that?


Thank you.

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Oh, it's not in the original movie. In the movie he just falls down without a sound. Whoever posted that on Youtube, they added the blood and sfx.


I'm thinking the blood is from a video game, maybe San Andreas, now I'm thinking maybe Metal Gear 2 (PS2).


But I thought I'd put it out there to see if it jogs anyone's memory. I know when I first saw it, I was like, oh, they used the sound from that video game.


Now I can't remember where the sound is from, and I'd like to use it for a project I'm working on.

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