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General Scrotum

Multi Designer Project Discussion

(IN DEPTH) What should the political situation in San Andreas be? v2  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. (IN DEPTH) What should the political situation in San Andreas be? v2

    • Each county has a main ideology, a main rival one, and a minor rival one (if necessary)
    • There are three ideologies; one for each County
  2. 2. (IN DEPTH) How many protagonists?

  3. 3. (IN DEPTH) How should the participants be divided?

    • In teams assigned to a protagonist
    • Freelance

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when will the poll close?

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6 hours ago, GKHEAT said:

when will the poll close?

It is not a timed event, but rather a place for discussion. Probably it will stay forever even after work on the project starts.

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I'm down with this. Would love to participate in any theme, doesn't matter that much to me. But I do like leoncj's idea, tho.

Also I can help with the graphics and even the trailers :^)


And yea, would be great if this has a discord once we start.

Edited by xghostx

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General Scrotum

Previous poll has been removed (and archived) to make place for the next poll - it will stay up for almost a week like the previous one.


If anyone wants the previous results as a reference, feel free to ask and I will provide.

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Well, I'm done voting. Here are my stands;


1. Yes

- What is political corruption without crime?


2. Each counties have their main ideology, a main rival one, and a minor rival one (if necessary)

- This option can pave way for alliances and betrayals. A "twist-friendly" option, let's say.


3. San Andreas as an independent country

- I guess, San Andreas as a runaway child of the United States. (coughs)


Suggestion: The former U.S. state of San Andreas declared independence after a brutal war of independence against the United States. However, each city has conflicting ideologies making it impossible for the new country to elect a government for the country. Therefore, each city declared themselves as an autonomous government under the same country.


a. 1st city - For independence (Ideology 1)

b. 2nd city - For independence (Ideology 2)

c. 3rd city - Against independence


One thing about my suggestion is that it might probably slide to a war theme. However, for me, it would be better if the story will focus more on politics and diplomacy for the major duration of the plot.

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Since we're merging themes, how about we divide people into two/or more teams based on themes. Let's have Team A for making missions on the political theme with one player controllable character and Team B for making missions on the criminal theme, both factions existing in the same universe. Like say Political theme is about a huge scandal happening up the ranks, and the main character turns out to be a whistle blower.. Criminal theme can be about a mafia organization getting caught up in this scandal


As story progresses, both factions' storyline intersect at a point.. and they can either be against each other, or be allies.. As for the turns, a designer from Faction A submits mission on Political theme followed by a mission submission from a designer of Faction B and the cycle goes on.. Both factions can have private discord channels (or topics) to discuss on their respective faction storyline. and a common discussion thread for the main story.


/ My 2 cents

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General Scrotum

A discussion room has been opened in the DYOM Discord Server.



As for question one, the decision seems pretty much unanimous to merge the second theme (criminal) with the winning theme (political). However, there is one thing that I would like to mention - people will probably fall into that trap and/or may have already fell for it. The trap I am talking about would be to make an (un)related story that is fully focused on the criminal theme. While, yes, the criminal theme will see its fair share of action, it is the secondary theme of this project. The main theme is political and it should have a bigger focus/influence. Before you ask - yes, it is completely possible to make a criminal story with political influence. Just don't fall into the trap of making it a casual criminal experience.



As for the second question, probably the most controversial, all three options offers their pros and cons. Both first and second option offer more freedom in terms of political ideologies/beliefs for the story but it involves more work and research on what beliefs/ideologies should be involved in the story. The third option offers a classic touch to the story and is much simpler to research/understand - it also adds a bit of realism. Although it seems unanimous (7 and 4 votes against 3) that people wish to have more freedom on said politics. It opens up up the discussion of if things should be kept simple, have a certain level of complexity, or be kept in between. I will refer back to one of my previous posts and further expand on it to demonstrate the three possible options I can think of. Note that the following are three separate examples. The extras are not necessary but could add an interesting twist to the story, if used properly.


Option one - complex:


-Red County:


--Main: Liberal Socialism (San Andreas supports a mixed economy: private property and social ownership in capital goods / monopolies are the fault of capitalism / opposes an unregulated economy / liberty and equality are compatible and depend on one another)

--Rival: Consequentialist Libertarianism (San Andreas supports a free market and strong private property rights - based on the fact that the results are favorable: prosperity, efficiency, etc.)

--Extra: Autarchism (San Andreas promotes the idea of individualism - individual liberty and self-reliance / rejects government and supports its abolishment / favors ruling oneself - excluding rules of others)


-Flint County:


--Main: Territorial Nationalism (San Andreas believes all its inhabitants should share a common national identity - regardless of ethnic, linguistic, religious, cultural, and other differences)

--Rival: Voluntaryism (San Andreas believes that all forms of human association should be voluntary)

--Extra: Participism (San Andreas envisions remaking all of society from the bottom up with participatory democracy / replaces economic and social competition with cooperation)


-Bone County:


--Main: Neoconservatism (San Andreas is rooted in an idea: commitment to the rights of man - not in ethnic or religious affiliations / advocates the promotion of democracy and San Andrean interests in international affairs, including peace through strength (military force), disdain for communism and political radicalism)

--Rival: Localism (San Andreas supports local production and consumption of goods / supports local government / supports promotion of local history / supports promotion of local culture and local identity)

--Extra: Minarchism (San Andreas only provides to its citizens the military, the police and the courts - protection from aggression, theft, breach of contract, fraud, and enforcement of property laws)



Option two - simple:


-Red County:


--Main: Left-Wing

--Rival: Right-Wing

--Extra: Centre


-Flint County:


--Main: Centre

--Rival: Centre

--Extra: Right-Wing


-Bone County:


--Main: Right-Wing

--Rival: Centre

--Extra: Right-Wing



Option three - semi-simple / semi-complex:


-Red County:


--Main: Far-Left

--Rival: Centre Left

--Extra: Centre Right


-Flint County:


--Main: Radical Centre

--Rival: Centre Left

--Extra: Far Right


-Bone County:


--Main: Centre Right

--Rival: Radical Centre

--Extra: Radical Centre



Out of the three options/examples I have listed, I am in favor of the first one for a simple reason: we already know what each ideology stands for and it is less vague than ''far-right'' or ''left-wing''. Now, as I have stated - the ones I have listed above (i.e. Minarchism, Territorial Nationalism, Liberal Socialism, etc.) are just examples. We can agree on the decisive ones later - if option one is chosen.



As for the last question, it is the same situation as question one - people are mostly in favor of an independent San Andreas rather than a State of San Andreas. With this said, I believe it fits perfectly with the will of the people to have more freedom to choose ideologies/beliefs for the political theme.




I would also like to bring back the question of how many protagonists (four votes for a single protagonist / seven votes for more than one) and how it could be implemented. Since the vote indicates people want more than one protagonist and we will have a minimum of three political beliefs and a maximum of (perhaps) nine political ideologies, why not have three protagonists? One protagonist for Red County, one for Flint County, and one for Bone County. The question of which side of the political spectrum the protagonists would find themselves could be discussed when the actual story is in the making and the political parties are set in stone. A new poll question regarding this (exact number of protagonists) will be made later when the new batch of questions come in. Feel free to discuss it though.

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I think keeping it simple if not semi-simple is easier to design and more accessible to players. :^)


And we should divide everyone into teams like shiva said, but base on the main characters, not themes, cause ones might want to design difference themes. Let say we have 3 main chars, divide into 3 teams and have a small leader for each team. 


Group projects have been a nightmare for me in school and work. But I'm confidence that this will work out. >~<

Edited by xghostx

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General Scrotum

Previous poll has been removed (and archived).


A new poll has been added.



As for question one, I put it again because it is probably one of the most crucial ones and there has been few discussions about it (either on the forums or in the discord channel).


As for question two, it goes back to the question which people wanted to have more than one protagonist.


As for the third question, it goes back to question which people voted 10 to 1 to take a different approach to the project instead of having each participant design a mission turn by turn.

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I will try to join this contest, since the 2019 era is coming, we should announce the official plans of MDP, and I request permissions from moderators to topic of opening the teams slots. The teams may be named by the leader or we just throw random names, ex: TEAM A, TEAM 5.

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