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Breakdown of what to sell trapper/Fence vs what to keep?


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Getting a little confused.  I know the Trapper makes clothes and other items, apparently the Fence makes Trinkets and such then you have Crafting at camps to make arrows and other items.


I have all this crap in my Satchel and on the Horse and no idea what I should keep or sell to whom or simply dump.


Not real clear in the game as far as I can tell but I run out of space too frequently hanging on to feathers and claws and crap since I keep anything that says 'Can be used for Crafting or Sold"  'Crafting' being the keyword versus 'Can be sold'.


Not real clear and I might be missing something in the various popups that like to tell me what I can/cannot do right in the middle of me needing to pay attention to the Wolves trying to eat me or NPC's shooting at me or such.

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Basically you just take all perfect and legendary pelts to the trapper. He also does some extra stuff for hats, like snake skulls on your brim and rococo crap made out of feathers, but those are only for Arthur's main hat, so if you've taken to wearing other hats that's pretty useless for you. Either way, dump everything but flight feathers (which you need for arrow crafting) on the trapper too, wether you use them or not, at least you get paid.


Then there's the fence. I do believe the trapper won't accept goods that the fence needs to make trinkets and talismans, so these should be greyed out at the trapper's. For the most part, trinkets can be made from the extra legendary animal part you've collected, so you can just get them made and forget about the rest of the crap in your bag, but a couple of talismans need extra components. Next time you're at the fence, have a look at the recipes (or the next time you're at google) as some of these extra components could be accidentally sold. But I believe the components that can be sold are not unique, you'll just have to trudge out there for them again.


Long story short, look up the recipes for these things online somewhere and sell whatever's not mentioned in them.


Also, I've not percieved a noticable difference from the camp upgrades made out of perfect pelts, mainly because I was hardly ever in there anyway, so if I were to play through the whole thing again I wouldn't use the good stuff there.


I have one or two other tips, but I don't know how far in you are and they're kinda mildly spoilery. Lemme know if you wanna risk that, though I figure you can anage quite fine with the information thus far.

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A similar question: there is no use in keeping stuff such as Mrs. Braithwaite's brooch or the emerald you get from another quest, right? 

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4 hours ago, GermanOutlaw said:

A similar question: there is no use in keeping stuff such as Mrs. Braithwaite's brooch or the emerald you get from another quest, right? 

Nope; Sell them


Don't sell jewelry with "crafting" on them until after you've crafted the recipes involved with them though. It's a bitch getting them back, having to rob and kill innocent women and hope they have the thing you need on them. They're rare enough you won't run out of space

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Thanks, I did confirm some of it last night at camp and the but the blanks were filled in.  

Shadow, I spent a bit of time in chpt2 wondering if I should dump that emeral.  I finally did but chances are in another playthru I won't.  I have played RDR1 several times-in one playthru save I have every outfit, all the Gold bars and all the Legendary ccritter items saved.


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