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I need someone to Mod a Cutscene in Story mode for a Machinima!

Wilkie 51st HD

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Wilkie 51st HD

Hey Everyone!

I'm looking for someone to change around a few character models for the story mode mission "Something Sensible". I want to use this for a Biker Machinima that I am working on. I can also Pay people for their efforts and give them credit in the video too. Basically I want to replace Franklin's and Michael's character models with two GTA: Online models and some other various tweaks. Here are my ideas:


  • Character Models: These are what I want for the character models. Trevor will be his default self. Default clothing, hairstyle, tattoo and jeep. Franklin will be remodeled with my GTA: Online character (Scorpio) with his online clothing, tattoos, haircut and a motorcycle next to him. I also want to have the Crew Emblem I made visible. Michael will be remodeled with either a GTA: Online character Lost MC biker with the biker jacket and emblem, or, one of the generic Lost MC character models.

  • Audio: If it is possible, I would like to have Franklin and Michael's voices muted. the background noise and Trevor's voice can be heard. Also, make sure that the song in the ending credits is not possible to hear and subtitles are turned off.

  • Recording: I would be happy if the scenes could be recorded and, if it isn't too much effort, the chase scene with Franklin (My character Model) and Trevor to be recorded and edited in the Rockstar Editor.


Please comment down below if this mod would be possible or if you have a suggestion. If so, I would greatly appreciate someone helping me out and doing this for me. I will give the Modder credit for their work! I also have Paypal so I can pay you for your efforts. Here is an example of the work I have done so far.
If you want to contact me directly, here are my contact details:

Email: [email protected]

Rockstar Social Club: InsaneHighlander

Xbox Gamertag: Wilkie 51st HD

Or just comment down below!


If you want to see the first episode to my Machinima series, then please check out > "Unforgiven: Episode 1 - Sons of War MC"

(If this isn't a possible mod for the Machinima, then that's completely fine! I just want to see if it is possible)


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