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Holy Drawn Out Travel Distances, Arthur!

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Chapter 6... hoo, let me tell ya. I have wanted to stop playing the game entirely. Now four times since this chapter started, I have been put in a position where I could not fast travel between lengthy distances to get to story missions.


-First time: Going to Wapiti (not yet discovered for fast travel) to speak to Rains Fall

-Second time: Coming back from Wapiti (had to get at least as far as either Valentine or Emerald Farms before catching a train)--possibly twice, if you don't do Monroe's mission right away after Rains Fall's mission

-Third time: Coming back from Hanging Dog Ranch after helping Sadie wipeout the rest of the O'Driscolls (had to get all the way back to Valentine to catch a coach--train unavailable because of the blown up bridge)

-Fourth time: Going back to Wapiti from Emerald Ranch after rescuing Monroe (Nowhere to travel by train, and coach does not go to Wapiti)




Frankly, it's disgusting to me how intentional that all seems. Why drag it out? Why pad it? Exploring and horsebacking it were fun in Chapters 2 and 3. But in Chapter 6, when I want to keep up the momentum and beat the game? Yeah, not so much.


Autoride isn't a solution either, because it wastes the same amount of time AND you can't just walk away, for fear of something bad happening (bad things DO happen)

Edited by MatthewIRL

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Spydr Webz

I totally Agree, this is my biggest gripe so far. I'm working on a mission order that helps alleviate this and make this chapter more smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

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How much of a hurry are you in? You don't spend hours going from place to place.

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I like traveling, being in the world, experiencing epic vistas and all that the world has to offer. I guess I'm someone who is not 'disgusted' by not being able to fast travel everywhere...!

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Back in the time the average horse could travel about 25 mi/40Km in a day before it had to rest.  The fast galloping you can do from point A to B?   Not in Meatworld it aint happening.  You kill the horse-especially those scenes where you have to go top speed for long distances on your horse cause everyone and their kitchen sinks are shooting at and chasing you,


That said a quicker travel system could have been in-place, there are times where I need to go from Hanover to the Grizzlies and do not want to enjoy the 'McDonalds' view-what I call GPS which takes you the longest route from point A to B past every McDonalds on the Map [[in this case future McDonalds]]


Next best is Stagecoach or Train.

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