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What are your guys most used vehicles?

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to figure out which car I should by next and simply curious about which cars you guys like in GTA Online! This is my personal list:

- Stromberg: it has great performance, being a sub makes it easy to evade cops, the missiles are great for bunker resupply missions, it doesn't require research and isn't expensive IMO

- Insurgent PUC: great when you're with friends to fight other players as well as doing bunker and MC resupplies

- APC: an amphibious Insurgent PUC with less armor but more (and better) weapons, very effective with 2 or more people, easier to use solo than the Insurgent PUC

- XA-21: the best car to go around the map quickly IMO, great grip and acceleration as well as ok topspeed for the price

- Weaponized Tampa: makes it easy to fight NPCs although I don't use it to often

- Armored Kuruma: great for contact missions, fast enough in most cases

- Duke O' Death: faster Armored Kuruma for 2 people

- Schafter LWB & Baller LWB: ok bulletproofing, can withstand 1 rocket, quite fast and great offroading (Baller LWB), looks great as a CEO escort vehicle for roleplaying :D

- Akuma: if I need a bike

Can't wait to see your guys answers...

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Nightshark and Akuma. I also have an Oppressor for getting around quickly - I don’t have the research unlocked or an MOC.

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Tornado Custom



PA Frogger

PA Lazer

PA Strikeforce

Ceo Buzzard

Thats what I use on a daily basis.

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Sultan RS, generally the one I use the most
XA-21, my favorite super sport car
Retinue, I love Escort mkI
Drift Tampa, (as the name implies) excellent for drift
Comet SR, I love Porsche and this car is fine in everything
Sentinel Classic, as above, I love the M3 E30 and it drives pretty well
Raiden, it's the 4 doors I like best
in some missions I also use the armored Kuruma, but almost never in freeroam

I recently bought the Jester Classic that I like a lot, I think it will also become one of my favorites

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Lance Mayhem

For me (PS3 player), in my own idiosyncratic style of play (almost never PvP) :




Rancher XL


Owned by 3 of my 6 characters. You can climb on top of it to get onto buildings, it's big enough to use as cover, pretty good off-road (useful for escaping wanted levels), and I dig the look of it. 




Bagger / Daemon


2 characters have Baggers, 1 has a Daemon (actually the same 3 who have Ranchers...hmm...). Any bike will get you through traffic faster than a car, and since crashing and dying is embarrassing, time-consuming, and expensive, I like these two bikes because they're the least twitchy (which can also be read as being the least maneuverable) and I dig the look of them. 






Owned by 4 characters. Inconspicuous, quiet, and very capable sedans (about equal to Stanier and Primo). Dig the looks? Meh, tastefully understated, but not a real favorite (nice job of mimicking its real-life counterpart, though). 




Phoenix / Ruiner


Owned by 2 characters (one of each), under consideration for a third. Inconspicuous even when customized (by dint of the many versions and option packages available to their real-life counterparts), decent performance and handling for racing in their class, many customization options, and (say it with me) I dig the look.






Owned by 3 characters. Like the Rancher, good for climbing onto or ducking behind, blends into any neighborhood (service and delivery vehicles go everywhere) and it really seems like every criminal with a large arsenal of weapons should have a van (2 other characters have a Gang Burrito and a panel Youga). Dig the looks? No (just a plain Ford Econoline), but kinda yes (again, nice mimicry of the real thing).

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The Dubsta & the Baller LE.

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elegy retro and sentinel classic

Edited by majong12

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Its pretty hard to top the Armored Kuruma or Buzzard.


If I'm just doing random Paige missions with friends, ill just use whatever I've customized lately. Gotta show it off to somebody lol.

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Forza Harrd

Sanctus, various helicopters.

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Torero! Vice city ftw. Also infernus classic and normal infernus(altho the last one rarely chosen out of the 3). Looks like i have a crush on infernuses.


May i mention some sweet muscle cars too.

-Ellie/phoenix/dominator gtx


And a sport or two

-Jester classic/elegy retro


and various american sedans



and lots of aircrafts but then again, i pick cars as of late because i am bit bored of flying.

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hmm I have almost 120 cars ,let´s see :

I do think that my most used vehicles in GTA are the Vigilante , stromberg and -right now- Oppressor MkII (such a money maker this one , especially with that speed glitch) ....

last year (and the year before) , I used to ride the Hakuchou Drag , Elegy retro and my Comet Retros most of the time...


PS : now that we´re talking about it , I think I ve only used the ruiner 2k and the Deluxo 3 or 4 times in free roam (apart from the special races ) ... weird

Edited by nido997

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Apart from vehicles needed for racing:


Work vehicles

- Ramp Buggy - great to travel through LS. Calling it anytime, no insurence costs, doesn't require calling MMI after it gets destroyed.

- Sentinel XS NPC - stealing and selling every time

- Oppressor MK2 - pocket Hydra - great but also stupid way to travell across the map

- Nightshark - to travel in freeroam, it's a faster insurgent without map blip, similar explosive resistance

- Buzzard/Havoc CEO - to travel and easy access a helicopter

- Washington CEO - same reason

- Armored Kuruma - heists/missions

- Weaponized Tampa - same

- Akula - to collect business battle goods


Joyride vehicles:

- Sabre Turbo NCP worn seawash

- Buccaneer NPC worn green

- Ocelot 620 worn shadow silver

- GP1

- Bestia GTS

- Tropos

- Tempesta

- Tyrus

- Itali GTB



- T20/X80/Osiris - collection sales

- ETR1/Tyrus/FMJ - non collection sales



Vehcles used to win freeroam challenges:

Gargoyle with high-profile wheels to win land speed challenges

Bati 801 - to avoided traffics challenge

Tezeract - reversing challenge

Alpha stunt plane - under bridge challenge


These are most used vehicles but I often take any random supercar/sportcar/muscle from huge 120 cars collection.

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The Nagasaki BF400 motorcycle. It's fun, fast, has a super powerful wheelie, and is great at stunts and huge air.

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Mostly I rotate through all my vehicles on regular basis, and when I see I have lost use for any specific one, it usually is sold soon. no dust collecting in my garages.


However, some vehicles stand out:


- Duke O'Death: The work horse for almost any ground based mission.

- CEO Buzzard, but the Oppressor Mk II is catching up, due to better use in Client Jobs

- Stirling GT, my so far favorite car overall, often use it in sports class races, too. Other sport preference in races is Pfister Comet Retro (the Pariah I only used for setting up some personal lap records, but I don't like it very much)

- For cruising purposes, the Sanctus is gradually clawing away game time from the Nightblade. Bike races are 95% done with the Akuma still.

- Pfister 811 lately, for it's the most recently purchased toy in my collection. Features both in cruising and super class races, the latter I tackle with XA-21 mostly, or Banshee 900R, for the heck of it.


- Oh, and the Tornado convertible (NOT bennified!), for the memories: It was indeed my mission vehicle during the first three months, along with the Wolfbane; was a roleplay thing :)  



Edited by Lucy_Woooolfe

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