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Combat FX Upgrade

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If you want absolute realism: San Andreas isn't for you, play HD era or something because they really f*cked up gta in general by sprinkling realism on it...

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Posted (edited)

Well, there is a lot of Overdose DNA in the muzzle flash effects, but I tried to tone them down a little to fit the game's atmosphere more closely. In my opinion, at least. I feel like these effects are, on the whole, reasonably less exaggerated than Overdose. But I suppose I'm going for "cinematic" as opposed to fully realistic. But that's a matter of personal taste. Anyway, I'll address your points individually @lsnoop:


1. You absolutely can customise it, since it uses Effect Loader. Each effect has its own folder inside models/effects and can be replaced or deleted with ease. For example, there are two versions of the blood effects, muzzle flashes and (soon to be) explosions, which you can pick and choose from. If you delete an effect then the game will just use the equivalent effect from whichever effects.fxp + txd you have installed. I think this is a significant advantage of this mod. Beyond that, you can still replace textures or edit the script like with any other effect mod. I might have to make a tutorial video and/or rewrite the main post as I have received a few comments expressing confusion about how it works.


2. It works without IMFX, you just won't get the variations in muzzle flashes and explosions, i.e. all weapons will use "gunflash.fxs" instead of "gf_colt45", "gf_uzi" etc. There'll still be some variety in the explosions but fewer than with IMFX, naturally. The only other thing you need is Effect Loader. EnhanceFX is optional, but makes the vehicle overheating effects more varied. I might make an fxp+txd version in the future but I'd like to have more effects completed to avoid leaving any obvious vanilla effects that might look out of place. Is it because you play SAMP that you don't want to use IMFX? Am I right in thinking that IMFX does not work with SAMP? I have had mixed reports about the muzzle flashes working in SAMP, but I think the issue was solved by setting Visual FX Quality to medium or higher in the pause menu (which needs to be done anyway, regardless of whether you're playing SAMP or single player)


3. I agree that the headshot effect doesn't really work with the new version 2 blood effects, and I intend to make a new one. In fact, this might be the next thing I work on. The current one is essentially the same as Overdose, except with the gore textures from Project Overhaul. My first blood effect was more exaggerated and worked better with the headshot. Keep in mind though, that the headshot effect won't happen unless you have IMFX installed and headshots enabled. I don't personally agree that the blood mist in the new version looks too exaggerated however. I've identified a small issue with it that made the animation stop at the 3rd texture instead of the 4th. I will update the main download with the fixed version after this post. Perhaps the slightly smoother animation will make it seem less cartoonish.


4. At this stage it's unlikely that I'll make significant changes to how the explosions look since I've already spent quite a while on them and I'm personally very happy with them (the ones from the latest videos, that is). My intention with these new explosions was to make the smoke and fire feel less separate than the old explosions. I might make a less fiery variant for some of the explosions, but if you don't use IMFX then the default explosion will probably be something similar to first one you see in the latest video (but with smaller sparks; I made them bigger by mistake).


5. Yeah, I have already decided to scrap that fire and will try and make a new version another time. The capabilities of the effects system (and/or my knowledge of it) are too limited for what I was trying to do. They were indeed too small, and they were also not versatile enough to use as the game's default fire (It looked pretty shoddy when a ped caught fire and ran around). I jumped the gun in uploading that preview, to be honest. So consider that fire update cancelled, and I'll try again later.


6. Maybe one day. These new explosions won't have as many of the extra particles (debris, sparks etc) that the old ones did. But the explosions themselves do generate more particles on the whole. A lighter version isn't totally out of the question, but is also not a priority right now. My main motivation for making a light version would be if people reported performance issues, as I'm generally fairly satisfied with the "feel" of the effects. I'll see what the feedback is like once the new explosions are released. There's always the possibility that I'll make new versions of various effects as I learn more about particle systems and try things out. But it's unlikely they'll ever be particularly similar to the vanilla effects, as I'd find that too much of a step backwards.


Anyway, thanks for the feedback. I'm glad that, on the whole, you like the mod. I want to make the effects as good as I can so it's valuable to hear a bit of criticism if needed. I'm still learning a lot about how particle systems have been used in other games. But they'll probably never satisfy everybody since we all have different visions for how we want our version of SA to be. I hope this wall of text addressed your points sufficiently!


Edited by WarButler

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Posted (edited)

The amount of text shows this is gotta be a 9/10 mod :p


I hope I wasn't too harsh and just to let you know I've just installed the game specifically for the mod .. Looks great so far !


The blood effects in the latest version look just right btw (the demos I watched seem a bit outdated) :santa:



Edited by lsnoop

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Yeah I can talk until your ears fall off if I'm not careful lol. But I've put a fair bit of time into this mod and I take a lot of pride in it! SA is an important game to me, so if I can add something of value to people's experience of the game then I am happy. Feedback is important, good or bad. It's part of the reason why I make the preview videos before releasing new effects.


I'm glad to hear that you reinstalled the game! I hope you enjoy the mod. Yeah, perhaps it isn't immediately clear that there are different versions of the effects. The new blood effect is much less extreme (and it's my favourite), although the first version is the most popular one.


At some point I will make a single video featuring all of the effects, to try and clear up any confusion for people who find the mod in the future.


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