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Has the GTA series influenced your opinion on the brands you buy?


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Because when I was younger I would always eat burger king and drink sprite because I'd think I was eating burger shot with sprunk. 

Idk if anyone does that or if I was just a dumb kid back then. I probably still am regardless.

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Jerking For Soup

Not exactly but I remember when iFruit came out I made my iPhone wallpaper the iFruit logo and wanted to make it an existing iFruit iPhone.


That was when V was in it's prime though, so I soon got over it and accepted it being an Apple device.

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-Haha. I knew I wasn't the only one drinking sprite because of sprunk


-Not exactly a brand but I kept saying FIB instead of FBI for a long time after GTA V in real life. It felt more comfortable to say it that way. 

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  • 4 months later...
Lemoyne outlaw

i know im a little late but oh well. yes i have last year i was playing gta san andreas and started going to the clothes stores. and one store in particular made me interested victim. i liked the clothes and interior. so i wanted to see what it was based on. so i found out that its based on the real life clothing brand volcom. so i looked on the volcom website and found a shirt i liked. i bought it and i even did an opening video of me opening it and giving my opinions on it. i really like the shirt and i still wear it. its a shame they didint bring victim back in gta 5.

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I got interested in R&B and Disco music, having listened to the those on the radio stations, including Fever 105 in Vice City and CSR 103.9 in SA, Studio 109 in 4 and so on.

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Femme Fatale

Cluckin Bell makes me crave Taco Bell more than I already do.

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No influence over brands per say, but VC certainly sparked my interest in 80's music that has out got stronger since.

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Sort of.


It definitely made me a fan of country and rock music, made me interested more in the USA history and society, and thus products - of which I already had a good opinion.

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I want to buy lamborghini to do Hit and Run with style!

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