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San Andreas Android - Michelle steals car?!?


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Hi there,


Does anybody else have that problem?:


So, I am busy with getting Michelle's relationship status to 100%, but every time the activity starts where she wants to drive, CJ steps out of the car, she hops into the driver seat and... steals my freakin' car!!! The camera zooms out, she drives off and I can't do anything (as the camera stays in birdsview on CJ, standing there like a nerd prolly waiting for bettwer weather or something)...


Of course I can just reload my last save until the RNG gods decide, she wants more food, but c'mooon...

Edited by ThePlake0815
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A couple of months ago when I've done GTA SA 100% on Android, I noticed the same thing that Michelle drives off without CJ and the date ends bad, while camera gets stuck in bird's eye view. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do about that, on the PC version at least the date worked fine as far as I remember but on Android version this type of date is glitched and always ends badly, so the only thing I recommend you is to save after every successful date and then date her again as soon as she is available again. If this date happens, just reload the game and try to get another type of date, such as food date.

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What a fabulous glitch!  Does it actually record it as a failed date?  Or have you ever tried to follow her by running after her, or just waited at her home to see if she comes back with your vehicle?

Edited by Icanhandlerejection
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  • 5 weeks later...

You can't follow her as the camera is frozen in the birdsview and you need to load a save.



I know, thats what i am doing all the time (reloading the save right before the date and hoping for a different activity). And yes: this glitch doesn't happen on pc, 360 and ps2....

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  • 4 months later...

When she take your car u can hop in another car after it come out of birdseye but she normally isn't in the car if u do catch it. She doesnt come back to her house with it either. If she do it it's a fail. Nothing you can do. I thought a better car would help but havent found one she like yet. Still trying...

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