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Bandit Challenges

Lock n' Stock

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Lock n' Stock

This is somewhat of a big dilemma for me. I have two saves stored right now, one playing as John during the Epilogue and one with Arthur before the switch to John. However, I've just noticed about the Bandit Challenges that have about 10 ranks that incude various acts of criminal activity. Since I intend to complete the game 100% in the near future, I'm just wondering how much loss of honor these challenges can cause, since I prefer to keep mine at a very high level. Does the bandana halt honor from increasing/decreasing like in the first game, or does it not make a difference?


I'm also thinking of doing the challenges with Arthur and starting the Epilogue again since it feels out-of-character for John to perform such tasks. Even Arthur though is at that stage in the story where criminal activity is beneath him, so it would still feel awkward. I know it's not really that big of a deal, but I at least like to play the game outside the story as reflecting the character's morales. As long as I don't lose too much honor over it, I guess it'll be okay.

Edited by Lock n' Stock
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The bandana does nothing for honor.

Catching and releasing fish is a great way of getting more honor actually.. so I guess you could offset your bad honor from crimes with fishing.

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The bandanna only helps protect your identity, you still lose honour for committing crimes. You do lose a bit of honor but it's fairly easily recouperable.

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You lose quite a lot of honor really (You rob a lot of people + there are sometimes witnesses and you can choose to kill them) but as others have said, you can do other methods after to raise your honor back to good.

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