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Reaching max honor


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I am in chapter 4 and wanting to unlock some outfits which I need high honor, apparently need honor level 6. Is this possible before the end of the game? Trying to unlock outfits such as the drover. 

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There's a hidden cap , you can't max it out until near the end of the game to begin with you'll be fine. 


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A mission early in chapter 6 is what allowed me to reach full honor.


But just keep greeting everyone you pass. I think every 3 or 4 people you greet gives you a small boost.

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Ugh.  I hate 'Greeting' people.  I'm doing it but it just reminds me of being a WalMart Greeter.  You know, the guy/girl really doesn't give a frell how you are doing and, if you listen to them they tend to say the same two or three things to everyone-just like Arthur.


Then you get anything from a positive response to a fistfight or gunfight from doing it and your camera and horse tend to veer towards whomever you are Greeting and run into or over other NPC.




I like the way it was done in a movie I missremember the name of.  Heavy italain guy walks into a hallway and sees the Security dude sitting at a desk.


Italian dude mildly says "Hey, howareya?" as he walks past.


Guard looks up 'Good.' looks back down at his magazine as Italian guy pulls out his silenced weapon and shoots him in the head.


Now THAT's a greeting.

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5 hours ago, Johan said:

There's a hidden cap , you can't max it out until near the end of the game to begin with you'll be fine. 


Totally not true. I reached and got honor Achievement in level 4. In fact I havent gotten to Rio Grande yet and have it. Its rather easy to get. All you have to do is do side ops and strangers and you will have it in a day or so. Theres a couple of easy grinds that can get it for you rather fast to. 


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