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Mission Order

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I know it's still early days, but has anybody started or is anyone planning to start on a chronological mission order?


I'd love to attempt one myself, but I barelt get time to play as it is 😂

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Didn't realize there was a real order to them, seems they random;ly pop up one to three at a time as I play.  I restarted the game since I was not far in and wanted to see if I could elminate a particulare bug so I am at Horseshoe Overlook now-did a couple of the $ missions for Strauss and the Lenny mission then have two-one for Uncle and one for Hosea on the map now.  I know of a couple others and some $ collections I will open once I open more of the map but did not know there was any real order to them except one leads to another or the ending of the chapter but I think you can simply not do some Missions and still proceed if you wish.

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There's no canonical order, but there's been a few guys on here in the past who have put together chronological layouts of each mission for the GTA games and RDR I in an attempt to get the story to flow better.


I've noticed a few things on my first playthrough that were out of place narratively (I won't mention them in case some people haven't got that far yet) and I just wondered if any of those guys were still around, or if anyone planned to try and replicate their successes.

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It's another thing I love about this game - and is something that it does, and which GTAIV did, but which GTAV mostly did not - is the freedom to pick and choose the order in which you do missions. At least in the early chapters (which is where I still am)


Obviously there's some story threads where one mission leads to another. But I find that much of the time I have a choice of 3-5 missions, and can choose whoever I want to go adventuring with at any time. Hell, there were a couple of Chapter 2 missions that you didn't have to do before Chapter 3 started.....could leave them until later if you chose.


So I don't really know how you could start to put together a canonical order. Once you arrive at Horseshoe Overlook, for example, you could either head into town with Uncle and the girls or head into Valentine yourself and meet up with Javier & co. at the bar. Both make perfect sense to do first, and I believe both will reference the other mission if you do them second.......

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Spydr Webz

I actually just posted a topic on this HERE. Everything was somewhat easy to piece together, except for Chapter 6. That chapter is a logistical nightmare.

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